AdmiralCloud Features

Full potential for optimized workflows


Automatic tagging  

Using the image recognition option, recognized image and video content can be directly tagged and saved to the corresponding media – this is a key tool for finding your media, especially when uploading significant media packages. This is particularly true where there are no resources for properly tagging and processing your media. Where this is the case, using AdmiralCloud’s image editing services can be another good option.

Text recognition

Whether it’s multi-page press releases, presentations or PDFs, AdmiralCloud’s media asset management analyzes your text files, rendering them searchable, selectable and ready to edit. This feature massively speeds up your search, particularly when dealing with a great deal of text files.

Speech recognition

AdmiralCloud’s speech-to-text feature directly converts the spoken content of your film into text with almost no time delay, before saving the text file with the respective medium. This means you’re no longer limited to searching videos by title or the metadata on file, but can also search through your media library for spoken content.

Color recognition

AdmiralCloud allows you to run a color analysis of all your media, displaying this information in your thumbnails in your overview. But this is not just a brilliant tool for the graphic designers in your company. You can search for images with a particular color scheme or mood with cross-archival results displayed within seconds.

Image and video recognition

AdmiralCloud analyzes your videos and images on request, categorizing them into objects, people and places. This means you can search for comparable image content that hasn’t been allocated to IPTC or to metadata, or previously designated by your editors.

Face recognition

With the face recognition feature, you can search your entire media archive for a particular person. Whether it’s a board member or an interviewee, you can find them in seconds, even if their name hasn’t been added to the metadata before and they “only” feature in the film as interviewee.


Finding media perfectly

AdmiralCloud allows you to reach complex search depths by offering the possibility of stringing together multiple search criteria. You can also filter your current overview by creation or production date, media tags or licenses. With the help of our advanced search, you can refine your search results by combining different parameters. A typical advanced search might look like this: all videos, year 2014, director Joe Hammond, 30 second maximum duration. What’s more, AdmiralCloud is multilingual, meaning your search is automatically carried out in all languages, while search hits in your profile language (UI language) are still given preference.


Batch processing tags

Renaming or deleting tags that have already been set up and assigned to multiple media, for example where a name is changed, is quick and easy. What’s more, multilingual relations between tags are also recognized and clearly displayed. AdmiralCloud’s tag management also shows you global tag statistics, meaning you can quickly locate frequently or never used tags and edit media accordingly.


AdmiralCloud’s tagsonomy allows tags or keywords to be viewed hierarchically. Moreover, interrelations are automatically picked up on, so they don’t need to be entered manually. 

The AdmiralTaggingguard

Some companies seem to have as many tags as they do employees. AdmiralCloud offers a tagging workflow to prevent ‘free-for-all’ media tagging. The AdmiralTagging Guard suggests certain tag taxonomies to users according to their rights. This helps users to follow a particular tag structure when adding media to the system. It can also be made compulsory to assign a previously established tag, for instance a company’s department name.

Multilingual tags

AdmiralCloud is a multilingual media management. Regardless of the language they’re created in, where required, tags can be automatically translated into further languages of your choice and added to the same medium. This means English-language media can also be found in German-language searches and vice versa. This is a particularly vital product feature for companies operating at an international level.


Cut feature

AdmiralCloud offers various options for image and video editing that drastically simplify day-to-day media work, making them a real time-saver. AdmiralCloud’s EasyCut feature makes for quick and easy video cutting – an ideal feature, for example, for shortening long interviews or for offering a particular group of people only a specific section of the film. Gone are the days when you had to consult your film production team, request a quote and wait a few days for the result every single time you edited a medium. Now you can access the cut within a few minutes, free of charge.

Crop feature

Within your AdmiralCloud, you can edit, cut, rotate or crop an image, change its aspect ratios or make color corrections. You can also use batch processing to apply these changes to groups of media. You and your clients can also use this image editing feature as a tool separately from your AdmiralCloud interface, via external press hubs or media libraries.



Using video chapters makes for a better overview, particularly with long videos. You can designate chapters yourself using chapter markers, giving each one a preview image. This can be a precise frame image from the film or a separate image relating to the topic. Especially for longer videos spanning different topics, this means that the viewer can quickly and easily skip through to the chapter that’s most relevant to them at that point.


AdmiralCloud’s subtitling tool allows you to present accessible videos in multiple languages. You can choose between switching on the subtitles in the player or burning them directly to your film. AdmiralCloud not only simply and intuitively creates subtitles within the system, but also lets you directly synchronize your workflow with your translation agencies.



Using AdmiralCloud’s Multitool, you can batch process your media right on your wall – the media overview. Set keywords (tags) for groups, allocate your content to specific areas (security groups), create media collections (PressAreas) in no time at all and so much more…

A Multitool for:
• adding media to your favorites
• creating ZIP files
• changing media user groups
• adding and removing tags
• adding contacts
• adding media licenses
• adding and removing metadata
• adding files to media collections (PressArea)  
• deleting
• original media exchange   

 AdmiralCloud allows you to generate thumbnails and download the respective first frames in different qualities. Additionally, you can upload your own high-resolution thumbnails to the system and re-download them in the best possible quality, e.g. for presentation purposes.

Download link

Media files can be provided to users in predefined file formats by generating a download link. For video content, the respective download page also contains an integrated web player to directly stream the video as a default feature.

Web link

A web link can also be generated so that your media files are accessible beyond your media asset management.


Media statistics

AdmiralCloud offers extensive analytics, including the number of views, plays and play duration for your media files. This way, you can gradually align your media content more and more with what your target group needs.

Account statistics

Statistics allow you to stay up to date when it comes to maintaining an overview of your accounts. These include the number of users and groups, as well as media-specific KPIs such as traffic and storage space use.

Heat map

Our heat map graphic gives you an insight into country-specific analytics, such as most-used browsers or visitor figures.


AdmiralCloud takes different license types into consideration and helps you to comply with the German Copyright Act (UrhG), as well as to protect the rights of third parties when they are recognizable in images. What’s more, AdmiralCloud can help you establish appropriate and efficient workflows, from license allocation to linking your images and videos with assignments of rights, model releases or stock photo contracts. This is a vital tool in corporate communications, particularly in corporate publishing.


Are your media used company-wide? Or are they only available in full to certain departments or groups of people? AdmiralCloud allows you to allocate model releases containing personal or contract-relevant data exclusively to particular security groups. This means that only a certain group of people within the company can access the information and that other users, those with restricted rights, can only see the associated media.


AdmiralCloud doesn’t just let you upload over the desktop, but also via a drop site. AdmiralCloud usually sends this browser-based upload page to agencies, film production teams or external photographers, so that they can directly upload images and videos to your media management. AdmiralCloud also offers different workflows here. You can set out important upload requirements right when you send your drop site. These may include information you want to specify, model releases or assignment of rights forms. If these aren’t attached, the media upload won’t take place and your service provider will receive a request to provide the required files.


AdmiralCloud’s image rights management has a color-coding model, allowing you to see at a glance whether a medium can be used for a specific case. The system takes into account the user wanting to access the image and what editing or sending rights they have. Based on predetermined license templates, your images and videos are given respective color markers in your media overview so that you can also search and filter by license type or by license rights set to expire in the near future.


You can link your videos, images and audio files to your license rights files right as you upload them. Alternatively, you can use our smart batch processing to allocate licenses to several media at the same time and adapt or update them as necessary.



With AWS, AdmiralCloud benefits from a data center and network architecture designed to meet the security needs of some of the most demanding organizations: AWS Cloud Security.

The IDS detects attacks and works with the firewall to enhance the digital asset management’s security.
Rate Limiter – AdmiralCloud responds if too many requests are made within a certain time frame.
• The application firewall controls inputs, outputs and/or access to and from AdmiralCloud.

AdmiralCloud monitors and potentially blocks input, output or system service calls that do not comply with the configured firewall policy.

IT security

The ten most important criteria of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) serve as the basis for security in digital asset management. The latest security updates are run on a regular basis.

Intranet security

Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) – You have the option of only granting registered users of the ADFS of your organization’s network access to AdmiralCloud and your media files.

IP range definition – User access can also be restricted by designating a globally effective, fixed IP address range. This makes sense, for instance, in cases where the respective media files should only be accessed from specific locations.

The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML framework for sharing authentication and authorization information.

Content security

All connections within the digital asset management use the secure HTTPS protocol. In addition, AdmiralCloud sets signed links, which means that the character strings of the generated download and web links do not allow for any conclusions to be drawn about the contents of the links. No unauthorized third party can find your content via a web search.



The CollaborationTool was developed in cooperation with our more than 1,400 film teams worldwide. It substantially shortens release sprints, meaning that it saves you and your clients a lot of time. The CollaborationTool is integrated in AdmiralCloud, so there is no need to start another tool or upload another file. The CollaborationTool is ideal for your review process, the acceptance of videos, images, audio files, presentations and documents: Simply upload the media to the CollaborationTooland invite colleagues, service providers and partners via email to the release sprint. 

Synchronous streaming

AdmiralCloud offers synchronous streaming of your media and documents worldwide. Agencies, freelancers, clients, prospects and colleagues can simultaneously view, comment on, release and/or download media regardless of their location. 

Defined release processes

Simply release your media for the CollaborationTool and send email invitations to the participants. Or define the individual release process in advance. The system supports this process by offering release forms directly in the acceptance tool. 

Versioning and icons for task allocation

Versioning helps you to maintain your overview. Predefined icons allow you to structure comments and tasks quickly and clearly. When you click on a comment, you will get to the corresponding spot in the video. 

Post-release download 

Following a successful release, you can directly download image, video, audio or text files.


URL, FTP and database

Direct links to video and audio files can be uploaded to the AdmiralCloud media archive via URL upload. AdmiralCloud also offers an FTP protocol upload. 

Drop site

A drop site is an external microsite for uploads to the digital asset management. Drop sites are primarily used to provide media content. You can request files quickly and easily via a URL which are then uploaded to your account. There is no need to create a new AdmiralCloud user to do so. 

Drop site branding

Moreover, the drop site’s design can be adapted to your corporate identity, optimizing your external presentation as well as your professional workflow.

Upload and convertibility – Predefined flexibly as required

During the upload, thumbnails are created for all files. In addition, a basic set of media formats is provided – exactly which ones depends on our agreement. As the administrator, you can provide a selection of predetermined download and player formats. With each upload, a download link for the relevant media container is created.  

Available media formats

Video: 3g2, 3gp, avi, divx, divx, f4v, flv, m2p, m2ts, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpeg2, mpg, mxf, r3d, rdc, rdm, ts, vob, webm, wmv

Image: cr2, dng, jpeg, jpg, png, raw, tif, tiff

Audio: aac, aif, aiff, aifc, mka, mp2, mp3, ogg, ogg, wav, wma

Text: ai, eps, doc, docx, mks, pdf, psd, xls, xlsx


Upload media quickly and securely

Quick and simple uploads are essential for everyday media tasks. Our digital asset management converts your image, video, audio and text files into any predefined format right when it uploads them to the media archive and provides them as requested to individual areas, teams or people.

Upload routines

Generate media upload routines with predefined security groups and subsequent notifications. 

Upload in media batch processing

Media data can be uploaded in batches and any existing tags are directly copied over. This means media tags and metadata only need to be set once per batch.

Read out and process IPTC data

Any IPTC data created in your image or video editing software can be directly exported to AdmiralCloud. The media are read out automatically and metadata is identified, even before tagging takes place.

Upload notifications

As soon as an upload is finished, an email notification is sent to all the addresses included in the mailing list you’ve specified.

Automatic generation of download links after upload

On request, AdmiralCloud emails you a download link once the update is completed, meaning you can view imported material as quickly as possible.


PressArea is a digital content map, which means a media collection administered and exported via AdmiralCloud. PressAreas can provide media content, such as image, video, audio and text files, in a visually appealing manner. These media collections can be used in communications, marketing, partner support and sales. There are three categories of PressAreas: AdmiralCampaign, AdmiralPresentation and AdmiralMagazine.



Campaign templates are especially suitable for email marketing using image and/or video content. Our clients also frequently use the PressArea Campaign for events, trade shows and workshops. All media, PPT and PDF files relating to the event are then provided to participants during and after the event.  


The Presentation is ideal for press releases. In combination with a download area, it provides all media in the perfect manner. Contacts and their information can be sent along with the media. 


Digital magazines are image galleries that can be exported from the PressArea, suitable for the combined presentation of images, videos and texts. AdmiralMagazine is adapted individually to clients and their goals. This option caters to a variety of different priorities, such as company or product presentations with image, video or text focus.


Media libraries & image galleries

Our image galleries allow you to create a media library sorted by any number of categories (channels), which can be used internally or externally. All image and video files can be exported, displayed or downloaded in various formats.  

Multilingual setup

All metadata held in a media library can also be read out and displayed according to language across all publications.

Media library management

Media library management allows you to choose a title for the respective publication, add contact details and select the type and format of the media to be added.


Contact management

AdmiralCloud offers convenient contact management for all users, external recipients, suppliers or licensors. This saves you valuable time when it comes to correspondence and sending your media files.

Assigned media contact

The details of a point of contact can be stored with media files uploaded to AdmiralCloud. This way, the recipient can always get in touch with you right away.

Assigned contact for PressArea and drop site

The details of a point of contact can be stored in PressAreas and on drop sites. This way, the recipient can always get in touch with you right away.

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