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Media library – Publish media externally

AdmiralCloud’s media library is a state-of-the-art, tag-based media gallery with extensive features for publishing selected media (videos, images and documents). Digital media from the digital asset management (DAM) system can be published in the media library, on an existing website or embedded in a media portal. AdmiralCloud’s media library unique feature is its intuitive user friendliness. The generically developed media library can be individualized for specific target groups, creating the perfect brand experience.

Animation Media library
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AdmiralCloud’s media library – Your digital stage

AdmiralCloud makes editing a media library’s media easy, allowing you to store information such as title, description and tags. Channels are used to categorize the assets held in the media library. These are easy to create and administer. The media library allows you to effortlessly display your media in image galleries and partner portals and can be configured in line with your needs.

Digital publishing with AdmiralCloud

AdmiralCloud’s media library offers the following features:

  • Create a media library and add media
  • Maintain an overview of all the media libraries you create
  • Edit information such as titles and descriptions
  • Create channels to categorize assets (media)
  • Easily add media from your general overview
  • Share downloadable media in various formats
  • Tagging to find assets more easily in the general overview
  • Use security groups to prevent unauthorized editing
  • Optionally submit and display media ratings and comments
  • Utilize static evaluation (e.g. number of media views) as required
  • Option to display titles, descriptions and technical information on the respective medium
  • Further features available on request
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Your media – perfect to find, perfect to view


Take security to the ultimate level

Encrypted data communication meeting BSI C5 standards.


Well tagged means easily found

A media archive with auto-tagging – searching for files has never been easier.


A license to view

Take control of all your media licenses and image rights.


All new and shiny

Find the perfect layout for images, videos and other media in just a few clicks.


Feels good to get it right

Interfaces and links to the best-possible software combination.


The sound of workflow

Collaboration tools for highly efficient digital collaboration.