Mobile App for Media Upload

AC Uploader is an iOS app developed by AdmiralCloud, through which users can upload images and videos directly to AdmiralCloud Dropsites. The app is designed for smartphones and tablets.


AC Sync

How the app supports your work


Easy to Use

Superimposed QR codes allow the user to connect directly to one or more Dropsites. This feature eliminates the need to manually enter URLs or send links. The sites are saved as “Upload Channels” and can be accessed at any time through shortcuts within the app. Alternatively, the app can be initialized via a Dropsite.


For a high-performance, stable and secure upload, the data transfer takes place fully automated in the background of the smartphone. The user can specify whether they want to upload via mobile data or exclusively via WLAN/Wifi. The upload app automatically detects which data connection is available and starts pending uploads automatically.


Selecting media for upload is possible via the “Direct Share” function within one’s familiar galleries as well. The upload app is directly accessible via the share icon, just as the user knows it from operating other apps. The data transfer to AdmiralCloud takes place according to the settings of the respective Dropsite.


Uploaders can store their own profiles in the Upload App. The profile contains voluntary data about the person, contact and copyright. This information is stored in the uploaded media. Many features of the Dropsites are already supported: These include notifications, automatic sending of download and player links, administration of security groups, names, description and time control.