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Media Management in the Automotive Sector

The automotive industry is known for its constant evolution and innovative prowess. To be successful in this competitive environment, companies need to continuously optimize their workflows and collaboration. Document and media management systems have proven to be an indispensable tool for the automotive sector to effectively manage digital resources and meet the requirements of the modern automotive industry.

Accelerate Innovation and Efficiency with AdmiralCloud

AdmiralCloud Automotive a leading provider of DAM solutions, enables automakers and suppliers to efficiently leverage their digital assets and fully realize their potential.



AdmiralCloud Automotive

facilitates the easy storage, search, and retrieval of media, projects, and studies, thus promoting collaboration between the technical, communication, administration, and research teams in your industry.

In the automotive industry, it is particularly important to consider requirements for security and compliance. Companies must ensure that their digital assets are protected both internally and externally and comply with applicable data protection and security policies. AdmiralCloud provides comprehensive security features for this purpose and enables granular access control to maintain data integrity.

Marketing and Sales Teams

Quick and easy access to current vehicle images, videos, brochures, and sales materials to develop effective marketing campaigns and sales strategies.

Technical and Engineering Teams

Constant availability of precise technical documentation, manuals, schematics, and 3D models to smoothly manage development and manufacturing processes.

Customer Service and Support

Access to extensive information databases to be able to respond to customer inquiries promptly and accurately. These include vehicle information, FAQs, and training materials.

Research and Development Teams

Secure and efficient storage of insights, prototypes, and study results to continuously track progress in vehicle development and protect intellectual property.

Legal security guaranteed

Comprehensive image rights and media license management ensure legal security. Each user group processes their media, projects, and studies legally secure in separate areas.


Industry-specific workflows and media approval processes can be easily stored.

Our Approach

Getting to know you and introducing our media management

Receive Requirement Catalogue for the Automotive Industry

We will send you our comprehensive requirement catalogue, in which you describe the specific requirements that a DAM solution should meet for your needs.

DeepDive Conversation | 30-60 minutes

In a 30-60 minute personal online appointment with one of our DAM solution partners, we find out what the unique challenges of your company are and what specific needs exist in terms of media management within your daily work routines and processes.

Live System Demo | 60-90 minutes

We give you insight into the platform and show hands-on how AdmiralCloud can individually support your company precisely.

Intensive guided free trial period | 30 days

All employees involved in media processing get to know how to handle AdmiralCloud in close collaboration with us.

We find the right solution for your company.

We will show you how AdmiralCloud can save your company valuable resources by simplifying and streamlining the management and distribution of digital media.

Implementing a media management system like AdmiralCloud in the automotive industry offers significant benefits for various user groups, from marketing and sales to technical teams and customer service. By efficiently managing digital resources, companies can boost their productivity, improve collaboration, and meet the demands of the modern automotive industry. The industry’s particular security and compliance requirements necessitate a powerful and flexible DAM solution, such as AdmiralCloud provides.