All Media Synchronized

On every device. In every application.

In everyday work, it is not always possible to access media on AdmiralCloud directly via your browser. AC Sync is an interface that synchronizes your AdmiralCloud data on your devices so that you can access and edit your media independently of your network connection.

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Fields of Application

AC Sync offers multiple functionalities to increase the efficiency of working with digital media.

Automatic Synchronization
Your digital assets are available to you at any time and from anywhere. The synchronization between AdmiralCloud and your end devices takes place automatically and in the background.

Selective Transfer
Synchronization is based on your specific requirements. Media uploaded is immediately sorted correctly and you only receive those assets on your desktop that are really relevant to you.

Direct Editing
Open and edit media directly via AdmiralCloud in the applications of your choice. All modifications will be applied to AdmiralCloud immediately after saving.


Always up to date. Even without Internet.

Employees in the field often have to deal with poor or non-existent Internet connections. AC Sync enables them to continue accessing company documents and media even in such cases. The data is synchronized automatically and in the background on their devices and is therefore always at hand and up to date.

Exactly what you need. No matter where you are.

It is up to you whether you want to have all media available on your device or only very specific ones. Digital assets can be selected by specific attributes and downloaded to your device like a subscription. Thus, for example, you always receive only the latest version of the images and videos for a particular advertising campaign on your computer.

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Alterations instantly available to everyone.

Building and maintaining brand consistency is arguably the most difficult challenge in marketing for large companies. A marketing manager wants to ensure that all the branded materials they create are available in exactly the same form to all relevant employees. They can easily synchronize the files on their computer with AdmiralCloud using AC Sync. Thus, all media is immediately accessible to the entire organization within AdmiralCloud and everyone operates with approved material only.

Direct editing. Across applications.

Once AC Sync is installed on your device, you can open and edit your media from within AdmiralCloud in the application of your choice with just one click. After saving, the edited asset is available to all users in the AdmiralCloud. Even offline, your files are accessible within your graphics applications and can be edited there. As soon as they are saved, they will be uploaded to AdmiralCloud with the next synchronization.