Media & Image Management Software for Large Enterprises

Corporations, large enterprises and corporate groups with complex structures, special security requirements and international teams depend on efficient media & image management softwares that can be seamlessly integrated into their own IT infrastructure and enable multilingual work even across departmental/country boundaries.
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Modern Media Management Software

The 5 Main Challenges of Large Enterprises


A media & image management software for large enterprises helps organize, manage, and distribute digital media such as images, videos, audio files, and documents.

It enables users to store, search, edit, and share media centrally, facilitating collaboration and communication within the enterprise.

Media management for larger enterprises or specific industry needs can be customized or developed on a project-by-project basis (software-based). It offers advanced features such as server hybrid solutions, rights management, workflow management, white label solutions, and multiple integrations with other enterprise applications.


Large enterprises need to be able to store, search, and manage large amounts of media content. They need a media & image management system that is scalable to keep pace with the growth of the business.


Large enterprises typically have multiple departments across multiple locations, making collaboration and communication difficult. A media & image management software must allow users to easily search, share, and collaborate on media content.


Corporate media content is often sensitive and must be kept secure. A media & image management must therefore ensure that media content is protected against unauthorized access and data loss.


A media management system has to be able to integrate with other enterprise applications, such as Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft 365, to increase efficiency and simplify operations.

Rights Management

Large enterprises need to be able to manage access and editing rights for media content to ensure that only authorized individuals may access designated content.

Why AdmiralCloud is a Safe Choice for Large European Enterprises?

  • Server location Germany
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Security by Design
  • Headless Platform
  • Deep integration
We develop software according to the proactive “security by design” approach. Security measures are built into our media management development process from the very beginning, rather than being an afterthought.

This allows us to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities from the outset, before the system is released. Security by design involves applying security standards that are considered during the development of our software solution and conducting security tests to identify potential vulnerabilities.

The methodology also includes regular training of our development team on secure programming practices and the use of tools that facilitate the detection of vulnerabilities.

This approach helps ensure that our media management is a secure environment from the outset and prevents potential attacks from hackers and other cybercriminals.

“We were aware that our wishes for a video content management are quite demanding. With AdmiralCloud, we have found a partner who has understood these wishes for over eight years, takes them seriously and has found individual ways for us to meet them. I would absolutely recommend AdmiralCloud to any large company with special requirements. You are really in good hands here.”


Product Owner Corporate Websites, Vattenfall

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