Digital Media Presentation


A PressArea is a digital content folder that can be used to make media, including images, videos or even documents, available via a direct link. For example, this allows companies to optimally present selected media to external parties as press kits.

Customers and prospects are instantly granted an insight into current materials and projects. AdmiralCloud’s PressArea is the perfect tool for quickly and efficiently creating media kits in a digital asset management (DAM) system, allowing you to share them at any time via a link. It’s the modern version of an electronic press kit (EPK).

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Create customized press and content folders

AdmiralCloud PressAreas can be easily managed and made available for download. The PressArea management allows you to specify a presentation’s title, text and image content, contacts, download formats, length of availability and so much more. This makes compiling your media so much easier, ensuring successful press relations.

Deliver media content for marketing, partner management & sales

AdmiralCloud’s PressArea offers the following features:


  • Make PressArea available for downloads in the desired format
  • Create a Zip file with all selected PressArea asset formats
  • Easily create and manage PressAreas
  • Effortlessly add media from the general overview
  • Option to set a deadline
  • Limit availability periods as desired
  • Optionally secure access with usernames and passwords
  • Restrict PressArea use on the intranet
  • Limit the total number of access requests as required
  • Tagging to find assets more easily in the general overview
  • Use security groups to prevent unauthorized editing