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The Most Sustainable Way To Manage Video Content

How a large corporation saves time, money, and energy by consciously managing its video footage.


An International Corporation with Great Vision

As one of Europe’s largest electricity producers, Vattenfall supplies millions of people with energy. In view of climate change, the company wants to drive forward the energy transition in the best possible way. The declared goal is to become free of fossil fuels within one generation. This applies to its own operations as well as to all partners and end customers. To successfully communicate this vision, Vattenfall uses high-quality generated videos.

AdmiralCloud designed a video content management system for the company that responds precisely to its needs and makes working with videos sustainable, smooth and secure for everyone involved.

#fossil free living within one generation

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More Than 100 Years on the Market

Vattenfall is operating in the generation, distribution and sales of electricity and heat, sells gas and engages in energy trading. 

Its main markets are Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK. The Group has been in existence for more than 100 years and employs around 19,500 people internationally.

They all share one vision:

“We are determined to make a fossil-free life possible within a generation. To be successful, we have to become fossil-free ourselves.”


Philipp Naervig-Jensen | Product Owner Corporate Websites 

Vattenfall has been using AdmiralCloud for its video content management for over eight years and has deployed the solution in various stages of expansion over that time. Philipp Naervig-Jensen is the Product Owner for Corporate Websites at Vattenfall and is responsible, among other things, for ensuring that all internal and external stakeholders receive the appropriate video solutions. He explains the challenges of video content management and why the company relies on AdmiralCloud for this.

Why Vattenfall needs a video content management system?

“Video is an enormously important medium for us, both for public relations and for communication with all our employees. A great many people from different departments and different locations are involved in the creation and further use of our videos. These are not exclusively Vattenfall employees, but also external service providers, such as production companies. This makes it complicated, as it can sometimes take a long time and be expensive to share large amounts of video material among each other and keep track of it.

If only a small section of produced video material is used for a project, the unused rest disappears or remains with the production company, for example, although it could be used for later projects. This results in costs because videos have to be re-recorded or existing material that has already been paid for is not used.

Who is allowed to access what, and how and when? How do service providers and employees find exactly the videos they are looking for? And how is the cloud secured on the intranet? Mapping all these requirements and processes independently and automatically is costly and complex. We needed a platform that allows all relevant people to access the video material and work with it according to their permissions.”

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How does AdmiralCloud improves Vattenfall’s video content management workflows?

“The AdmiralCloud provides us with a central platform to which all videos from a wide variety of service providers can be uploaded and downloaded. Employees with access can view and upload the material, download and process it, or curate video collections and publish them for specific target groups. For example, we have a media library that is accessible only to our employees and is securely accessible within the intranet. Another media library contains special videos that are only used for distribution. Video material and RAW footage from film productions is available in another media library for service providers and employees. Access to external users is requested through self-registration and approved by those responsible. Under the motto “store, share, reuse,” videos and footage can be uploaded, searched and, of course, downloaded so that nothing is lost.”

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What Has Changed in Your Daily Work?

“We save a great deal of time by reducing the need for consultation. All processes and accesses are automated and follow predefined procedures and workflows. Vattenfall is present in five core markets where different languages are spoken. Therefore, video versions often need to be created in multiple languages. AdmiralCloud facilitates this process significantly. For a video, information such as descriptive texts, metadata or subtitles can be easily stored in all required languages. The employees at the various locations receive the language version that suits them or videos with appropriate subtitles, which we generate directly in the AdmiralCloud. This not only saves time, but also costs, as individual subtitle versions do not have to be created by the video editor first.”

Philipp Naervig-Jensen

“We were aware that our wishes for a video content management are quite demanding. With AdmiralCloud, we have found a partner who has understood these wishes for over eight years, takes them seriously and has found individual ways for us to meet them. I would absolutely recommend AdmiralCloud to any large company with special requirements. You are really in good hands here.”