AdmiralCloud Agencies

Digital Asset Management for Agencies

AdmiralCloud for Agencies is a comprehensive, cloud-based media archive that allows the agency to manage, edit, and publish its own media as well as that of its clients.

Cloud-based Media Archive for Agencies

The AdmiralCloud agency solution provides easy storage, searching, and finding of media and client projects, thus promoting collaboration between agency staff, service providers, and customers.

The agency creates a separate customer area for each of its clients, in which all media, campaigns, and projects for the client are managed. Both the agency and the client can view, edit, and publish the media, campaigns, and projects at any time.



The AdmiralCloud agency solution is aimed at all agencies that want to simplify their collaboration with their clients and service providers. It offers extensive archiving and media search functions.

All media can be assigned to various projects and campaigns and can be edited and published using the provided media tools.

Intuitive & Collaborative

Supports all users in an intuitive search for suitable material for the planning, creation, and execution of campaigns.


Agency workflows as well as customer-specific release processes can be easily stored.

Hybrid: Cloud & Local Storage

AdmiralCloud can be connected to the agency’s local archive. As a hybrid, the local archive can be searched via previews (proxies) – an ideal solution for videos and high-res images.

Customers & Service Providers for Free

All of the agency’s customers and service providers can be invited to the agency solution for free. The agency sets up customer rooms and projects free of charge and in a secure manner.

Secure Customer Areas

In secure customer areas, media, campaigns, and projects are stored in a legally secure manner and are available to customers and the agency at all times. The comprehensive image rights and media licensing management ensures legal security.


Comprehensive statistics on all media, as well as detailed breakdowns of storage, traffic, and assets.

Our Approach

Getting to know you and introducing our media management

Receive Requirement Catalogue for Agencies

We will send you our comprehensive requirement catalogue, in which you describe the specific requirements that a DAM solution should meet for your needs.

DeepDive Conversation | 30-60 minutes

In a 30-60 minute personal online appointment with one of our DAM solution partners, we find out what the unique challenges of your company are and what specific needs exist in terms of media management within your daily work routines and processes.

Live System Demo | 60-90 minutes

We give you insight into the platform and show hands-on how AdmiralCloud can individually support your company precisely.

Intensive guided free trial period | 30 days

All employees involved in media processing get to know how to handle AdmiralCloud in close collaboration with us.

Is your agency drowning in media chaos?

e’ll show you how AdmiralCloud can save your agency valuable resources by simplifying and streamlining the management and distribution of digital media.