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Foundation 2001
Employees 150
Revenue Around 8.4 million €
Location Berlin, Germany
Branch Communication agency

We Support Agencies With Technical Know-How

No matter what type of agency you are (advertising, PR, communications), a well-organized media archive is the basis for optimized and streamlined workflows. It allows agencies to have a comprehensive pool of knowledge in the form of work examples and materials at their disposal. What’s more, a digital asset management’s (DAM) central media library provides a basis for collaborative work and opportunities to directly present media. Equally, agencies can easily coordinate matters with their respective customers.

Client Requirements

  1. Strategic partner for multimedia applications
  2. Media workflow optimization

AdmiralCloud Software

  • Cross-project asset management across different key accounts
  • Asset management (images, videos, documents) on the backend of complex CMS structure
  • License management on client’s behalf and in cooperation with client’s image editors
  • Implementation in complex project structures as a technological solution for data-protection-compliant campaigns

IT Services

  • Coding and implementation of a media library tailored to individual needs to realize a Germany-wide PR campaign
  • Integration with existing web applications and new social media offers
  • Consulting and project support
  • Ensuring operations and quality control during ongoing operation of the temporary application

Film and Media Production

  • Consulting, concept design and storyboarding for different film formats (image film, documentary, trailer, report, how-to videos)
  • International video productions to go with events or exhibition projects
  • Editorial support (voice-overs, interviews, scripts)
  • Translations and subtitles
  • Viewing and archiving of video material from different sources (research projects, events, etc.)


  • Archive
  • Media library
  • License management
Mockup Overview of the Digital Asset Management AdmiralCloud

AdmiralCloud – Supporting Agencies with Technical Expertise

AdmiralCloud’s DAM enables agencies to build a clear and manageable media library. Customers can easily be integrated into processes and quickly supplied with media. This simplifies workflows and strengthens quality assurance.

With our technical expertise, AdmiralCloud supports agencies in implementing a suitable cloud solution and offers end-to-end service. On top of that, we provide features such as press areas and licensing management. These allow agencies to control and keep track of their assets’ rights and brand security. AdmiralCloud is particularly proud of our successful collaboration with familie redlich, a branding and communications agency.

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