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CollaborationTool – up your productivity

Collaboration means efficient and targeted communication that works across different applications. This way, uncertainties can be resolved, and decisions made, quickly. Modern collaboration makes smooth, global collaboration possible in real time. This means a company’s employees in different locations can work together on a project. AdmiralCloud’s digital asset management (DAM) provides the necessary tools needed to collaborate productively with its modern CollaborationTool.

AdmiralCloud’s CollaborationTool – Collaborate in real-time

AdmiralCloud’s CollaborationTool allows you to run video release processes more efficiently and transparently with several people at different locations all at the same time. Participants can select, play, comment on and share videos added via the CollaborationTool.

CollaborationTool – For collaborative media analysis

AdmiralCloud’s CollaborationTool offers the following features:

  • AdmiralCloud users can create a collaboration with one or more media and share the link with users who don’t have an AdmiralCloud account

  • Access the external site directly via the CollaborationTool link to join the collaboration even if you don’t have an AdmiralCloud account

  • Open, send and copy CollaborationTool links following release

  • Create and manage the CollaborationTool effortlessly

  • Easily add media from the general overview

  • Optionally set deadlines

  • Limit access periods as desired

  • Optionally set usernames and passwords to access the CollaborationTool

  • Limit the total number of access requests as required

  • Tagging to find assets more easily in the general overview

  • Use security groups to prevent unauthorized editing

Your media – perfect to find, perfect to view

Take security to the ultimate level

Encrypted data communication meeting BSI C5 standards.

Well tagged means easily found

A media archive with auto-tagging – searching for files has never been easier.

A license to view

Take control of all your media licenses and image rights.

All new and shiny

Find the perfect layout for images, videos and other media in just a few clicks.

Feels good to get it right

Interfaces and links to the best-possible software combination.

The sound of workflow

Collaboration tools for highly efficient digital collaboration.