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1. What is Video Asset Management (VAM)

A video asset management system is a central platform that allows you to securely store, manage and selectively publish your videos. All users of the VAM receive specific access and approval rights for regulated and transparent handling of video assets. Uploaded videos can be provided with metadata, filtered by tags, edited, provided with subtitles or chapters, and linked to license documents. Specially prepared media libraries give external persons the possibility to view or download videos. The video asset management system thus covers the entire video processing chain within a single system.    

Asset Overview in the Digital Asset Management of AdmiralCloud

2. Challenges in Video Management

In both larger and smaller projects, there are usually many different parties involved in the processing of videos, ranging from camera crews and production companies to internal product departments and marketing or PR agencies. Video content often has to be reviewed and sent back and forth until its finalization, costing a lot of time and storage capacity. The process is often confusing, and the bureaucracy involved in data protection-compliant work is very high.

3. Advantages of Video Asset Management Software

Smooth Workflows

Video asset management significantly simplifies the workflow in video processing. Workflows can be accelerated via automation and control processes. Duplicates, time waiting and searching, data chaos, disparate formats, and more can all be avoided by moving your video asset management to a professional platform. With AdmiralCloud, you can work with your digital assets regardless of location using different rights and role functions. By having all relevant content in one place and maintained, it can be found quickly and easily. In addition, the security of the data is guaranteed for both internal and external use. All stakeholders involved have access to videos, audio files or license documents via one central, secure platform.

Working Across Platforms 

Interfaces to CMS systems, Youtube or Vimeo, as well as Adobe or Microsoft applications, enable quick access to video materials where they are needed, without prior intermediate storage on your hard drive. Working with other desktop programs is also made possible. For example, open source solutions or the standard tools of the Windows and macOS operating systems can be used. Desktop folders or folders on the local NAS server can be automatically synchronized with the cloud in both directions for efficient workflows.

Showcasing Videos

A video asset management offers various possibilities to publish videos for selected target groups. For example, web pages can be created that show the prepared collections of videos and make them available for download. If desired, the page may be password protected or accompanied by a registration and easily shared via a link. Another variant is the embedding of entire video media libraries on websites, portals, or the intranet. The media library fits seamlessly into the existing design of the website and ensures that visitors can search for, view, and download media.

Ansicht eines Monitors auf dem die Mediathek von AdmiralCloud zusehen ist

Real-Time Collaboration

A VAM enables smooth approval processes of footage. Videos can be played, paused and discussed synchronously in a virtual conference room. Attendees are able to leave annotations on exact timestamps of a video, shortening the feedback loop enormously, as all participants collaborate live. Videos can be approved directly or decisions about changes can be voted on.

Security and Privacy 

Because the users of the VAM have signed a contract with its provider, working with all media is compliant with the GDPR, even when publishing media. Unlike Youtube & Co., you always have control over who gets to view the material. Publication links can be dated so that they lose their validity after their expiration date. A VAM makes it easy to ensure that only those people who have the necessary rights can access media at any time. Secure use on the intranet or extranet is a typical example of the modern and simple use of the cloud in the existing system landscape. License documents can be linked to videos to prevent copyright infringements.

Asset statistics view in the DAM of AdmiralCloud

Tracking & Optimizing Performance

How well is your video strategy working? Which country has the most viewers? Which devices and subtitles are used? Is the video watched to the end? At what point do viewers bounce? A VAM can answer all these questions. Detailed statistics on views, engagement, exit rate and many other metrics provide information on whether a video is well or poorly received by the target audience. The data allows valuable conclusions to be drawn about the quality of the video’s content, the right type of presentation, or the characteristics of the target group.

4. Video Asset Management in Practice

The energy producer Vattenfall is increasingly using the medium of video to document and market its projects. The company’s requirements for a VAM solution are special. Find out here how Vattenfall manages its video processing with the help of AdmiralCloud.

Video Asset Management AdmiralCloud Übersicht Vattenfall

With AdmiralCloud Your Videos are in Good Hands

We love movies and video management is our heart and soul. AdmiralCloud was created in 2010 out of mmpro, a film production company that implements film projects with 1400 teams in 126 countries. This expertise is the foundation of our VAM software. We understand the challenges that large video projects are facing and are passionate about finding new and better ways to address them and make working with video as enjoyable, smooth, professional and beautiful as possible for our customers. AdmiralCloud provides your company with a complete, customized solution for video asset management.

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Save valuable resources with AdmiralCloud’s simplified and streamlined approach to video asset management. By centralizing and automating processes, AdmiralCloud eliminates inefficiencies, reduces manual tasks, and improves collaboration, resulting in time and cost savings. Experience seamless organization, distribution, and optimization of your digital media assets across various channels, empowering your company to focus on strategic initiatives and drive growth. Trust AdmiralCloud to unlock the potential of your digital media while maximizing resource efficiency for sustained success in the digital era.