AdmiralENTERPRISE is the complete and centralized platform for your digital transformation,

individual requirements, business solutions and processes.


For top-level

1 TB storage

250 GB traffic


*cost per month

*minimum term: 12 months


Your path to digital

750 GB storage

150 GB traffic


*cost per month

*minimum term: 12 months


For small teams
with potential

500 GB storage

100 GB traffic


*cost per month

*minimum term: 12 months


For purists with
basic requirements

250 GB storage

50 GB traffic


*cost per month

*minimum term: max. 12 months

*switches to Basic

without further notice

Large Medium Basic Single
Administrators 3 1 1 1
User 20 5 5 1
Security Groups 20 10 3 1
Traffic 250 GB 150 GB 100 GB 50 GB
Storage 1 TB 750 GB 500 GB 250 GB
Term 12-month minimum term 12-month minimum term 12-month minimum term 12-month minimum term
Staff members unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Support Handbook, tutorials, e-mail & telephone Handbook, tutorials, e-mail & telephone Handbook, tutorials & e-mail Handbook, tutorials & e-mail
Media formats
Audio optional optional
Search & locate
ElasticSearch (basic)
Focus search
ElasticSearch (relevance)
Various media filters
Sorting function
Group filters
Advanced search (operators)
Duplicate check (analysis)
Upload & conversions
Desktop (batch processing)
Drop-site upload (batch processing)
URL upload
IPTC and EXIF data transfer
Notification following uploads
Automatic download link after uploads
Media portfolios
PressArea basic template
PressArea campaign 100 10 5 3
Upload drop-site 50 5 3 1
Media libraries
(unlimited access)
Media portal BASIC
Media portal PRO optional optional
Multilingual media portal optional
Self-registration optional optional
Image format conversion
Special format conversion
Image download link
Image web link
Original media exchange
Standard cropper media library optional optional
Smart cropper optional optional
Text recognition (OCR) on images
Download statistics
Video format conversion
Special format conversion
Video download link
Video web link
Original media exchange
EasyCut cutting function optional
EasyChapter chapter function optional
EasySubtitle subtitle function optional
Spracherkennung Optional Optional
Video statistics optional
Document format conversion
PDF and PPT viewer
Document download link
Document web link
Original media exchange
Text recognition (OCR) on documents
Download statistics
Audio editing
Audio format conversion optional optional
Special format conversion optional optional
Audio download link optional optional
Audio web link optional optional
Original media exchange optional optional
Audio speech recognition optional optional
Audio subtitling functionn optional optional
Audio statistics optional optional
Asset license management
License templates (image rights) optional
Notification before licenses expire optional
Media statistics optional
Heatmap depiction optional
Engagement statistics optional
PressArea statistics (BETA) optional
Media portal statistics optional
Account statistics optional optional
Interfaces from other systems CRM, PIM, CMS, ERP and image databases optional optional
Video portals Vimeo/YouTube optional optional
Hootsuite (BETA) optional
Release process workflow
Media release
Approval processes optional
Synchronized playback optional
Set release processes optional
Versioning and task allocation optional
Download following release optional
Contact management
Format templates
License templates
Player templates
Social media
Statistics optional
Tagsonomy optional optional
Recycle bin
User and rights management
Solution security
AWS cloud security
Intrusion detection system
Rate limitator
Application firewall
IT security
Open web application security projects
Intranet security
Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) optional
IP range definition optional
Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) optional
PressArea branding optional
Dropsite branding optional
Media library branding optional optional
Backend app branding optional
Large Medium Basic Single
990 450 149 30
For top-level companies Your path to digital transformation For small teams with potential For purists with basic requirements

The clients who trust us

Are you looking for more?

Switching over from your current media management system to AdmiralCloud is easy.

We sort out all the necessary steps:
  • Advice and support right from the very start
  • Analysis of inventory data
  • Data migration from your current provider
  • Migration of existing tagging
  • Advice on existing integrations
  • Transfer and optimization of existing workflows

Your media – perfect to find, perfect to view

Take security to the ultimate level

Encrypted data communication meeting BSI C5 standards.

Well tagged means easily found

A media archive with auto-tagging – searching for files has never been easier.

A license to view

Take control of all your media licenses and image rights.

All new and shiny

Find the perfect layout for images, videos and other media in just a few clicks.

Feels good to get it right

Interfaces and links to the best-possible software combination.

The sound of workflow

Collaboration tools for highly efficient digital collaboration.