Digital Asset Management for

Medium-Sized Companies

Above all, medium-sized companies can be characterized by their unique corporate cultures and short decision paths. To ensure their agility, medium-sized companies need a suitable media management system which allows assets to be quickly and securely edited and shared. Digital asset management (DAM) is the ideal solution to optimize media exchange and management. With the help of a DAM system, medium-sized companies can create the foundation for collaborative processes and optimize their workflow management.

Mockup Digital Asset Management from AdmiralCloud

AdmiralCloud – Meeting Medium-Sized Companies’ Unique Needs

AdmiralCloud offers medium-sized companies a flexible system to organize and manage digital media centrally. The media library makes collaborating with respective customers much easier. Transparent and lean processes result in long-term cost savings.

AdmiralCloud’s DAM can easily be integrated into existing IT landscapes. Thanks to the cloud-based service, medium-sized companies can quickly and securely set up the required infrastructure for managing their media. The DAM system can later be expanded and scaled as required. In this respect, AdmiralCloud addresses medium-sized companies’ unique needs and supports them with technical expertise.