Admiral Features

The great overview of all your medias

Overview of all media and files within a fraction of a second

AdmiralCloud works with one of the most advanced backends available today, which means for you that you can use a high-performance search functionality and present your media extremely quickly. We have deliberately decided again a pagination of search results and for asynchronous data updates as nobody wants to click through hundreds of pages of search results that have to reload all the time.

Media tags instead of a folder structure

All media files can be categorized and found easily, without a complex directory structure, simply by setting media tags. This setup allows you to access individual media files quickly and time-efficiently – especially if your media archives are rather extensive.


Applying ElasticSearch, AdmiralCloud provides you with the best search results. ElasticSearch splits your search terms up in fragments and searches your media and files for both the full term and individual parts of it.

Advanced search and filter functions

AdmiralCloud supports complex search depths with the possibility to connect several search criteria. You can filter the current overview by date of creation or production, media tags or licenses.
Boolean search

The search function can be linked to logical operators such as IS and IS NOT, allowing for a very precise search in extensive media archives, applying an exclusion mechanism and without any scattering loss.

Upload Features

Multi-batch upload

Batch uploading is available for media data. Consequently, media tags and metadata do not have to be set for each individual file, wasting a lot of time, but only once for the batch.

DropSite & multi-file upload

The AdmiralCloud drop site makes it possible for external service providers, e.g. photographers, to upload media files such as photos or videos, without requiring their own AdmiralCloud access.
URL and FTP upload

Direct links to video and audio content can be uploaded to AdmiralCloud via URL. AdmiralCloud also offers FTP protocol upload.

Uploads combined with security groups

Uploads to AdmiralCloud can optionally be tagged and made available only to certain security groups.

Notifications after Uploads

The intended recipients of an upload to a DropSite or PressArea will be notified by email immediately as soon as the upload is completed.

Automatic creation of the upload link after the upload

Contact data can be entered for the automated email notification of intended recipients after the completed upload. The email contains the generated download URL. If you are expecting an important media upload outside of your business hours and want to view the material as quickly as possible, ask AdmiralCloud to email you a download link as soon as the upload is completed. This gives you the fastest possible access to the received material.

Media Processing

Multitool for batch processing

The AdmiralCloud Multitool gives you the possibility of batch processing of your media directly on the wall. Set group tags, assign your content to specific group clusters, create digital content maps and zip files within seconds for a swift dispatch.

If you need, for instance, only a short sequence from a long interview with your CEO, there is no need any more to contact your film production company and request an offer for cutting and providing the short sequence. Following the order creation and approval of your purchasing department, the material will be available within a few days. Alternatively, use AdmiralCloud’s EasyCut function and have your material available less than 3 minutes later.

Chapter functionality

To divide your video into directly controllable individual segments, you can define chapters which will then be displayed in all published versions of the video.
Video subtitles

With its subtitle tool, AdmiralCloud gives you an accessible and multi-lingual way of presenting your video. You can either add the subtitles as an option via the video player or include them directly into your film. Besides the simple and intuitive creation of subtitles in the system, you can also coordinate the workflow with your translation agency directly via AdmiralCloud.

Original media exchange

In case of corrections or updates of your media files, new versions can simply be exchanged under the same link. There is no need to generate a new link, saving plenty of time in the case of projects that require intense coordination and many correction loops.

Speech to text (speech recognition)

AdmiralCloud transcribes the spoken text of your video and audio files in a text file, visualizing it for your search – a powerful tool that allows you to find video sequences quickly and to optimize your videos’ SEO.

Automatic scene change recognition

Scene changes in a video uploaded to AdmiralCloud can be identified automatically. In combination with the image and face recognition, this takes your search to an entirely new level as you can now find, view and evaluate film content. As an option, a thumbnail of each scene can be generated in different quality levels, up to full HD resolution.

Thumbnail generation

AdmiralCloud allows you to generate thumbnails and to download the respective first frame in different quality levels. Furthermore, you can upload your own high-quality preview images to the system and download them again in maximum quality e.g. for presentations.

Read and process IPTC data

IPTC data created with common image and video processing software can be exported directly to AdmiralCloud and read out, making it possible to find media already via the metadata before they have been categorized by keywords or tagged.

Automated broadband recognition

AdmiralCloud’s web player automatically recognizes the bandwidth of the existing internet connection available for playing the video and automatically selects the best-possible quality level. Naturally, as an administrator, you can also define the quality levels yourself.

Conversion into all common media formats

AdmiralCloud allows for the conversion of media files into any common file formats (e.g. .wmv, .mp4, .webm for video content; .jpg, .png, .gif for images; .mp3 and .wav for audio content).

Presetting of download and play formats

As an administrator, you can provide your coworkers with a selection of predetermined download and video player formats to prevent that media is converted into too many different formats, which may lead to unnecessary traffic and use of storage space.

Multilingual media, metadata and tags

Multilingualism is a key element of AdmiralCloud system architecture. It allows internationally active companies to roll out the system in all countries, divisions and departments. It is possible to organize an individual medium multilingually as regards tags, metadata, subtitle languages, descriptive text, group and media hub structures. Despite this multiple use, the medium is stored only once in the system.

Multilingual media hub

All metadata of a MediaHub is read out and displayed by specific language in all publications.

Publishing Features

PressArea to provide media

The PressArea is the digital content directory of AdmiralCloud, which can be used to provide media files, such as photos, video and audio files or documents to external parties in a visually appealing manner. The functionality includes a player for streaming video content as well as automated packaging of video files for download in any common file format or codec. Specific production and contact data can also be added to the page. On top of that, an integrated function allows you to compress files as zip files.

MediaHub for inclusion

The MediaHub helps you create a media library sorted by as many categories as you wish, which can be distributed and displayed in any publication of the media files.

Download link

Media files can be distributed to users in predefined file formats by generating a download link. As a default, the respective download page for video content also contains an integrated web player for direct video streaming.
Web link

By generating a web link, you can make your media files available also beyond AdmiralCloud.

PressArea management

Under PressArea Management, you can freely choose the title of the respective PressArea, list contact information or select the type and format of the media to be added.

MediaHub management

Under MediaHub Management, you can freely choose the title of the respective publication, list contact information or select the type and format of the media to be added. On top of that, you can view the number of page impressions.

Media use licenses

In AdmiralCloud, you can create license templates and color-code them. This way, it is not necessary to create different license rights every time you upload files.

Warnings concerning image and video licenses

You can define warnings to be displayed when opening the media directory, e.g. if image rights for a video have not been assigned yet or if its use is in some way restricted.

Write protection

AdmiralCloud offers a write protection function within the media directory, irrespective of the defined security groups.

Limit temporary availability

For all publications of media data from AdmiralCloud, it is possible to put a time limit on the files’ availability.


You can directly publish videos from AdmiralCloud on the YouTube video platforms.


You can directly publish videos from AdmiralCloud on the Vimeo video platforms.

Security Features

HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (https)

All connections within AdmiralCloud are based on the safe HTTPS protocol.

Signed links

The respective character sequence of the generated download and web links does not allow people to draw conclusions about the content linked so that no unauthorized third party can find your content via a web search.

Security groups

You can create authorized security groups in AdmiralCloud. Group members can be assigned different, also limited rights and access to content can be denied, restricted or approved as you wish.

IP range definition

Users’ access can also be restricted by defining a globally effective, fixed IP address area. This may make sense if only users at a specific location should access the respective media files.

ADFS - Active Directory Federation Service

Another option is to grant access to AdmiralCloud and your media files only to users registered with the Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) of your organization’s network.

Time limit for downloads

In AdmiralCloud, you can also restrict access to media data by setting time limits; availability of data can be freely defined.

Download link password protection

You can protect your public areas against unauthorized access by assigning a password of any length.

Time limit for public areas

In AdmiralCloud, you can also restrict access to media data by setting time limits; availability of data can be freely defined.

Public area password protection

You can protect your public areas against unauthorized access by assigning a password of any length.

Presentation of corporate structures

You can visualize the hierarchical structure of your security groups defined in AdmiralCloud, giving you a convenient overview of who in your organization can view, edit and add which media data.

Security groups

AdmiralCloud does not differentiate your entire corporate structure one-dimensionally in only three groups (administrator, editor, guest), but gives you the possibility to determine much more precise circles or groups of people and assign a variety of administrator rights and access authorizations. Edit rights and media access can be controlled via the convenient security group management.

Assignment of rights

AdmiralCloud gives you a way to assign different rights as regards edit options and access.

Contact management

AdmiralCloud offers a convenient contact management system for all users, external recipients, suppliers and licensing partners, saving you valuable time when corresponding or distributing your media files.

Assigning contacts to media

You can add contact information to any media data uploaded to AdmiralCloud, giving the recipient easy access to the right contact for a continued exchange.

Allocating contacts to PressAreas & DropSites

You can add contact information to any PressArea or DropSite, giving the recipient easy access to the right contact for a continued exchange.

Statistic Features

Media statistics

AdmiralCloud provides you with comprehensive analysis options, concerning the number of page impressions and video views as well as the play duration of your media files. This will help you gradually improve the alignment of your media content with the needs and wishes of your target groups.

Account statistics

Your account statistics always give you an up-to-date overview of all account movements, including the number of users, groups and media-specific key indicators such as traffic and use of storage space.

Browser / Heatmap

A heatmap visualization provides a country-specific evaluation by most widely used browsers and total number of accesses by country.

Admiral Development


PressArea, MediaHub & MediaHub Channel statistics

Individual and combinable evaluations for PressAreas, DropSites, MediaHubs and MediaHub Channels.


PressArea 2.0

Revised design with true template character. PressAreas can now be aligned even better to match your corporate identity. On top of that, customers can individualize and distribute PressAreas themselves as needed. This is our way to provide you with another tool to improve your targeted, individualized customer contact.

Media directory view with cover flow

For a better and faster overview of media collections, we will in future present the coverflows already on the wall, thus giving you the option of a three-dimensional search of your media collections.

PressArea with licensing information

In future, the PressArea can be extended to include licensing information and image rights.

Social Media

Facebook integration

We have decided against the direct integration of Facebook into our system as, in keeping with AdmiralCloud privacy policy, we do not release the personal customer data required for the registration. We are currently developing an interposed service that can limit Facebook’s ability to retrieve information but allows you to post your content to Facebook via AdmiralCloud.

Pattern Recognition (Pattern and Face Recognition)

Face, object and color recognition

The new possibilities of pattern recognition will take us all on a journey into a new digital age.

Tag Management

Tag management 2.0

Tagging without an underlying intelligent tag management will only improve your media’s visibility to a limited extent. AdmiralCloud’s Tagging Guard will very soon provide you with a significantly extended tagging workflow management – a tool you will never want to do without again.

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