The Most Efficient Way to Manage Media

Media Asset Management

The most comprehensive media management platform for businesses. With AdmiralCloud, all digital media and documents are securely located in one central place, yet available wherever they are needed


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Intelligent Features for Seamless Workflows

We know from our own experience how time-consuming and resource-intensive the handling of digital assets can be for companies. AdmiralCloud is designed to create orderly, secure, and transparent workflows that will resolve your clutter of media.


Finding Media and Documents Within Seconds

Once uploaded, you and your team will have your assets at your fingertips. A variety of features ensure that no image, video or document is ever lost again. Precise filtering options and features such as text recognition or autotagging ensure that files can be found in no time. Media can be enriched with metadata and tags, sorted by access rights, linked together and much more. Duplicates are quickly identified and can be eliminated.

Asset Statistikansicht im DAM von AdmiralCloud


Accessible Across Applications

No matter from which application your designers, content creators, bloggers or data analysts are working, they can directly access all media from AdmiralCloud and securely store their creations there without having to save them to their hard drive beforehand. Our interfaces to content management systems such as WordPress or Typo3, the entire Adobe tool suite or Microsoft 365 facilitate and accelerate the creation and further processing of important assets and ensure that everyone involved in the process always has access to the latest versions.


We Will Find the Ideal Solution for Your Company

Every company faces different challenges and therefore needs their own individual solution when it comes to asset management. From the very first onboarding, your personal Customer Success Manager will ensure that AdmiralCloud adapts seamlessly to your companies structures and systems. They will not let go until all blockades in media processing have been resolved.



Publish, Present & Share Media

Platforms, content management systems as well as social media networks prescribe a wide variety of formats for their posts, stories and the like. With AdmiralCloud, only a few clicks are needed to adapt images and videos for the appropriate stage. Individual media as well as compiled media collections can be played out to their intended audience in a targeted manner via digital showrooms. The publication remains controllable at all times. Adapting an asset within the cloud instantly updates it at all locations.



Across Departments & Organizations

Clear role assignments, the allocation of access rights, and communication between employees within the system enable transparent workflows in the processing and release of media. The chat function directly at the asset ensures that all parties involved are included at the right moment and that necessary changes can be made without wasted time and effort. Even external persons such as customers or service providers may be included into feedback processes. Short communication channels save time, create clarity and provide an open space for exchange.


Guaranteed IT Security & Data Protection

AdmiralCloud complies one hundred percent with European security guidelines. Through extensive security measures, we ensure that our system is protected from external attacks and that no unauthorized person can access your data. Sophisticated authorization procedures are in place within the system to ensure control over who can access which media files at all times.


Media Always at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re a designer, content creator, blogger, or data analyst, you can access all assets stored in the AdmiralCloud directly from your most important applications and tools.

Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Digital Asset Management

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Unleash the Power of AdmiralCloud: Saving Resources through Streamlined Digital Media Management


Experience the resource-saving benefits of AdmiralCloud. Our dam platform simplifies and streamlines the management and distribution of digital media, helping your company save valuable time and effort. Discover how AdmiralCloud can optimize your workflows, enhance collaboration, and drive efficiency. Let us show you the transformative impact of AdmiralCloud in saving your company’s precious resources.