Microsoft Office 365


AdmiralCloud Meets Microsoft Office 365

AdmiralCloud is seamlessly connected to Microsoft Office 365 applications. This means you can directly access and use your AdmiralCloud assets when creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. The interface works the other way around, too. Simply upload finished products from Word, Excel and PowerPoint directly to AdmiralCloud.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is used by most companies to compose texts multiple times a day. All the more important that no more time than necessary is spent in the process. All media on the AdmiralCloud are available to you directly from the Word user interface. You can search for them, drag and drop them into documents and use them there. Your finished documents can be quickly and securely saved to AdmiralCloud with a single click.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint also has an interface to AdmiralCloud, which allows you to find images and other media via the side panel and drag them onto the slides of your presentation. No more searching or caching on local hard drives.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are unmatched in functionality by any other application and are therefore constantly needed. A direct link between a spreadsheet and the assets stored in the AdmiralCloud comes very handy. Images and their associated metadata can be exchanged between a spreadsheet and the cloud without any detours. For example, valuable time can be saved when cataloging the products of an online store.

Microsoft Outlook

How many times has sending your email failed because you exceeded the allowed attachment file size? This belongs to the past now. Microsoft Outlook not only accesses all media in the AdmiralCloud via our interface. You can also insert them into your e-mails and select images, videos and documents in reduced file size. Of course, media that you receive by e-mail can also be uploaded directly to the cloud.

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