Your Success is Our Mission

The introduction of a DAM software into your company’s infrastructure is complex and should therefore be well thought out and executed. Our specialized Customer Success Team will support you professionally and according to your individual needs.

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How We Build Your Ideal Media Solution

Making our customers’ work with digital media easier, faster, smarter, more transparent, more agile and more secure is the ultimate goal of our Customer Success Management. To achieve this, we give our all. We want to know precisely what individual challenges your company faces every day and create the best solutions and workflows to meet them. AdmiralCloud is designed to become a long-term stability factor for your communication initiatives.


Your Personal Customer Success Manager

To make that happen, we put your very own Customer Success Manager at your side. From the first onboarding, the Customer Success Manager takes care of identifying and understanding your company’s unique problems, requirements and goals.


We Recognize Your Challenges

In a DeepDive conversation, your Customer Success Manager finds out what your employees struggle with every day, which processes cost too much time and too many resources, and where there is a lack of transparency. We pay particular attention to workflows between different teams of employees and service providers, whether internal or external. We want every step in the processing of media to run absolutely smoothly. There should be no blockages whatsoever. Next, we evaluate how AdmiralCloud can be a part of the solution.


We Develop Solutions for Your Problems

In order for your company to function quickly and agilely and to develop and grow with the market, permeable, transparent workflows in asset management are of enormous importance. Our Customer Success Management will evaluate existing workflows together with you and find out how AdmiralCloud can adapt to the systems already in place to support them and make them more efficient.


We Turn You Into AdmiralCloud Professionals

To ensure that the functions of AdmiralCloud are integrated quickly and smoothly into your workflows and can support your company to the maximum, the relevant employees are trained in the use of the software. For this purpose, webinars are held on a regular basis. In these webinars, the relevant functions are shown and questions that arise are answered. We are happy to navigate you through our software and help you discover new processes and optimize existing ones.



We Stay in Touch with You

We won’t leave you alone. Even after the initial onboarding phase, we stay in touch. In regular meetings, we talk to you about wishes and suggestions, always with the aim of further optimizing your processes in digital asset management and keeping you up to date on the latest features of AdmiralCloud. We are not only your partner for all questions about working with the software, we see ourselves as your long-term strategic advisor.

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