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DAM system security

When digital media is stored centrally in a digital asset management (DAM) system, many questions can arise in the company regarding data security: Can unauthorized individuals at the company view data? Do gaps in security emerge that could lead to a loss of data? Will only licensed images be published? A comprehensive account of the security strategies and protective measures in place can address these concerns.

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AdmiralCloud – your decision for greater security

Your data security comes first for AdmiralCloud’s digital asset management. As a central media management hub, AdmiralCloud implements extensive, state-of-the-art measures to protect your sensitive assets:


  • All connections within the digital asset management system use the secure HTTPS protocol. Additionally, signed links are used, i.e. generated download and web links’ character strings don’t reveal any information about the link content so that no unauthorized third party can find your content via a web search.
  • Your company structure is reflected in the digital asset management system via defined security groups. Authorized security groups can be created in AdmiralCloud. Group members can be given different, and also restricted, rights. Access to content can be denied, restricted or granted as wished. This means you have an overview of which areas or teams in your organization have access to which media files.
  • The security groups can also be assigned predefined attributes such as formats and uses to the media stored there.
  • License management: allocating licenses and rights.

Access security – integrating AdmiralCloud into your company structure

AdmiralCloud offers you individual login security solutions and technologies to control access to your media:

  • ADFS – Active Directory Federation Service: As an option, you can grant access to AdmiralCloud and your media files only to those members of your organizational network who are Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) registered users.
  • IP range definition: User access can also be limited through setting out a globally effective, fixed IP address range.  This makes sense, for example, if media files should only be accessed from specific locations.
  • SAML 2.0: The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML framework for sharing authentication and authorization information.

Learn more about other AdmiralCloud security concepts and DAM infrastructure security.

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