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DAM infrastructure security

Filing digital media in a cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) can initially be a source of concern for customers: Is the system protected against third-party access? Where are the media and how are they secured? could there be unwanted data sharing? These and similar questions can usually be easily answered. A detailed examination of the security measures provided can alleviate reservations.

AdmiralCloud – truly secure

AdmiralCloud partners with AWS, one of the largest and most established cloud providers. This allows AdmiralCloud to benefit from a data center and network architecture that were set up to meet the requirements of the most discerning organizations when it comes to security.

AWS has many years of experience and is absolutely state-of-the-art when it comes to technical possibilities and resources. Using AWS infrastructure gives AdmiralCloud access to comprehensive security solutions.

Solution security in AdmiralCloud

  • Intrusion detection system: An attack recognition system to recognize attacks against AdmiralCloud. The IDS complements the firewall to increase digital asset management security.

  • Rate limiting: AdmiralCloud responds in case too many requests are made within a certain time period.

  • Application firewall: An application firewall is a type of firewall that controls input, output and/or access from and to AdmiralCloud. AdmiralCloud monitors and blocks potential inputs, outputs or system service calls which do not meet the configurated guidelines.

Madlen Fiks,
Die Techniker

„We use the media library as a secure sharing platform on the intranet. We have already received a great deal of positive feedback from our in-house colleagues.“

Data security in AdmiralCloud

  • Prompt security updates. The process for dealing with patches and updates is established at organizational level. AdmiralCloud administrators regularly study vulnerabilities and available security updates. Updates are installed and checked promptly.
  • The AWS data centers are subject to the strictest security precautions and are constantly monitored. Only authorized individuals are granted access.

Learn more about AdmiralCloud’s DAM system security.

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