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AdmiralCloud Meets Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud offers businesses the most professional and comprehensive suite of tools for creative work of all kinds. Whether it’s editing photos, creating animations, graphics or magazines, or producing videos, media is needed in any case. Through our interface with Adobe, creatives no longer need to leave the application they’re working from to access their company’s digital assets. The media in AdmiralCloud can be accessed, inserted and used conveniently right from the user interface of Photoshop and the like.

Digital Asset Management Software AdmiralCloud Integration von Adobe InDesign


When editing photos and images with Photoshop, the AdmiralCloud media can be found under your links in the side panel on the right. Here, assets can be selected and dragged and dropped onto the editing area. Completed designs may be uploaded directly to the AdmiralCloud and are thus immediately available to collaborators.


Creating graphics with Adobe Illustrator and securing them also becomes easier through the integration with AdmiralCloud. Company materials can be inserted into a design from the sidebar of the Illustrator interface and edited there. There is no need to leave the application during the entire creation process.


Within Adobe InDesign, you can easily populate layouts with assets and their associated metadata. Simply select the media in bulk in the sidebar and insert it into the design. In this way, hundreds of product flyers, for example, can be created in a single step without leaving the application.

After Effects

Adobe After Effects accesses your organization’s media on AdmiralCloud directly through the user interface. This significantly speeds up animation creation by allowing you to transfer assets from the cloud to After Effects and save finished creations to the cloud directly, without searching and caching.

Premiere Pro

The arguably most important program for professional video and film production is seamlessly connected with AdmiralCloud. Inserting subtitles, audio tracks or graphic elements such as videos or logos works smoothly, directly out of Premiere Pro.


When creating text documents with Adobe InCopy, the AdmiralCloud integration offers the advantage that company-approved images and metadata are easily made available via the side panel. This ensures that users are always working with the latest version of their assets.

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