Digital Media Metadata Handling – Upping the Value of Assets

Metadata have a great deal to offer and your company can benefit from this when structuring its digital media. The addition of metadata turns your digital media into an asset, i.e. an object of value, that can be retrieved and used again and again. Metadata are additional pieces of information that place an image or video in a specific context. Depending on the type of digital media, this information can include author, sources, keywords or contacts.

Mockup detailview Digital Asset Management from AdmiralCloud

Metadata in a DAM uses targeted searches to save on effort

Digital asset management (DAM) is an effective tool for quickly and easily reading metadata from digital media. Compared to manually reading metadata, working with a DAM system saves you significant time and effort.

In a DAM system, digital media are instantly available and can be specifically searched for metadata. Campaign or project materials can be collated in a highly efficient way, thus offering a clearer overview.

Metadata – easily readable with AdmiralCloud

Companies have huge individual potential in their digital images and videos. Why not unlock this potential? AdmiralCloud’s DAM offers solutions for making effective use of your assets.

Take advantage of what AdmiralCloud has to offer for your business:

  • Captures all types of media quickly and precisely by automatically reading metadata
  • Increases your media’s value as you can define your own metadata, e.g. project names, job numbers or project-relevant information
  • Offers media-specific fields for metadata as images, videos and audio clips all have their own respective features
  • Restructures and optimizes your company processes sustainably through the strategic use of metadata

To save time and to fill in metadata effectively, AdmiralCloud also offers batch processing, meaning that a great deal of metadata can be added to your media in just a few clicks.