Batch Processing – Saving on Editing Time

Batch processing can save your company a lot of time. The more digital media you have, the greater the time and effort of managing them as well as of providing additional information to make them retrievable. Using batch processing means that this no longer needs to be done for each medium individually. Batch processing, also known as batch editing, means that a number of assets can be edited in just a few clicks.

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Batch processing in a DAM system – process automatization

One of the best things about digital asset management (DAM) is that you can use automated processes, which means it’s no longer necessary to modify and allocate every asset separately. Batch processing illustrates that you can do more with a DAM system than simply managing your media.

Using batch processing in a DAM system simplifies the whole processing of your digital media because identical tasks can be executed sequentially. Thanks to tailor-made batch processing, work becomes less arduous, faster and mistake-free.

Batch processing in AdmiralCloud

With AdmiralCloud’s digital asset management (DAM), the key features you can perform individually for digital media can also be applied in batch processing.

The extensive search and filter options support you in compiling groups of assets for editing. AdmiralCloud offers various batch processing options for your chosen media. You only have to activate the multitool:

  • Edit all metadata
  • Add and revise titles and descriptions
  • Add or remove tags
  • Manage licenses
  • Publish internally and externally
  • Manage rights and releases
  • Manage favorites
  • Download and generate zip-files
  • Delete media

AdmiralCloud’s multitool, in combination with targeted searches, saves you a huge amount of time and delivers optimum results.

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Madlen Fiks,
Die Techniker

„We were looking for a software solution that would make it easier for us to keep an overview of not just the photos themselves, but also their corresponding licenses. This accelerates our workflows when it comes to publishing and provides greater legal certainty regarding temporal or geographical restrictions of image usage rights.“

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