Image Licensing Rights Management – Comprehensive Documentation of Assets’ License Status

Images may only be published and used for commercial purposes with the consent of the creator or copyright holder. When images are commissioned or purchased, usage rights are determined contractually. In practice, two different forms of usage rights have emerged. If images have a royalty-free license, comprehensive use is allowed once a one-off fee has been paid. A rights-managed license only provides for limited, but usually exclusive, image usage.

Mockup image licensing in the Digital Asset Management of AdmiralCloud

Image licensing rights in a DAM system – rights and licenses instantly apparent

Digital asset management offers versatile and practical support for dealing with images and safeguarding rights. First off, digital asset management can add metadata to a medium, thus specifying particular annotations and regulations.

To avoid breaching rights when publishing images, having the rights and licenses you have purchased clearly mapped out is particularly useful. Digital asset management facilitates the proper use of media so that their usage doesn’t incur legal consequences or additional costs.

Image licensing rights with AdmiralCloud – color-code licenses to show terms

AdmiralCloud is a digital asset management system offering you clear and comprehensive license management to protect your assets. With AdmiralCloud, you can file any information on creators or usage rights to your assets under licenses:


  • Color-coding: Licenses can be displayed in the general overview as a small flag for your assets’ media container. The different colors make it easier to identify your assets’ license status in the overview.
  • Easy allocation: Licenses are assigned to assets directly by selecting the desired license from the license templates.
  • Creation and development made simple: Administrators can add licenses and respective colors directly to the license templates.
  • Comprehensive information: Usage types, rights and limitations as well as license suppliers and license holders can be added. Warning notes are also possible.
  • Multilingualism: You have the option of inputting translations via the language tab for all fields.
  • Terms at a glance: An email notification can be sent when the license expires.
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Madlen Fiks,
Die Techniker

„We were looking for a software solution that would make it easier for us to keep an overview of not just the photos themselves, but also their corresponding licenses. This accelerates our workflows when it comes to publishing and provides greater legal certainty regarding temporal or geographical restrictions of image usage rights.“

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