Tag Management – Assigning Labels to Assets

Tags allow you to sort your digital media by content and topics. Tags, or keywords, reflect the essential information behind an image or video. A consistent vocabulary needs to be used when choosing tags as discrepancies can occur as a result of synonyms or spelling errors, particularly when several people in your organization are responsible for tagging.

Mockup Tags in the Digital Asset Management System of AdmiralCloud

Tags in a DAM system – consistent vocabulary equals better discoverability

Ideally, digital asset management (DAM) includes tag management, which allows tags to be clearly presented and easily managed.

In a DAM system, tags can be read from already existing media IPTC data, or automated object recognition (AI) or manual inputs can be used. Additionally, tag management facilitates editing and classification as well as following fixed tag spellings.

AdmiralCloud tag management – perfect tag organization

AdmiralCloud’s digital asset management allows you to organize your tags perfectly through extensive and intuitive tag management.

Tags are, therefore, centrally managed and can be reused for recording digital media. With AdmiralCloud, you maintain an overview of tags that have already been set and their use (as often as the tag is assigned) as well as the following features:


  • Easy editing: create, edit and delete tags. Moreover, tags can be color-coded and saved as favorites.
  • Clear display: tags can be sorted according to various criteria. Frequently or rarely used tags can be easily identified. Tags show additional information about the creator, the source (including IPTC, manual entry) as well as the date of creation.
  • Extensive search options: e.g. search for missing translations in the respective language, search for the source or creator.
  • Multilingualism: tag translations can be stored. This has the advantage that tag names can be shown and used according to the profile language. The user can search for tags in their own language.
  • Tag merging: this process corrects spelling errors (clean tag naming convention) and pools terms.