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Model release management – usage rights and purposes at a glance

If your company uses images of people for commercial purposes, you must observe the relevant contractual stipulations and rights. With professional photo shoots, the model’s and the photographer’s rights are usually on file in the model release. Generally speaking, this concerns the purposes and time frame in which a picture may be used. Therefore, this agreement determines an image’s economic value and reach and prevents copyright infringements.

Model release management in a DAM – helping you use media as provided for in the agreement

In a digital asset management system (DAM), metadata can be used to assign additional information to media. This is how you record an image’s photographer, source or creator.

 Ideally, a DAM solution also allows you to link a medium to files so that important contracts and rights can be directly allocated and viewed. A digital library makes it easier to publish media correctly, as it links images to the associated contracts and makes these easy to view. This avoids legal consequences, including claims for damages against the business.

Model release management with AdmiralCloud – directly link assets and rights

Within the system, your assets can be easily and conveniently linked straight to various contract documents such as model releases, property releases, assignment of rights or stock photo contracts. This means staff have easy access to publication usage rights.

Categorizing usage contracts prevents your assets from being used beyond the spatial, temporal or content limitations of a certain right of usage. AdmiralCloud’s model release management helps make your content marketing workflows more efficient.

Madlen Fiks,
Die Techniker

„We were looking for a software solution that would make it easier for us to keep an overview of not just the photos themselves, but also their corresponding licenses. This accelerates our workflows when it comes to publishing and provides greater legal certainty regarding temporal or geographical restrictions of image usage rights.“

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