What is Digital Asset Management?


What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management (DAM) is a software application for finding, editing, managing and publishing digital media (images, videos, audio, documents). As a central platform, a digital asset management provides all employees, partners and customers of a company with coordinated access to the content they need. A Digital Asset Management helps to manage the growing flood of data and to store different media in a well-organized and secure way.


Finding – How Efficient Is Your Use of Media Content?

A traditional folder structure is no longer necessary with a DAM. Media are identified and classified using metadata (tags), making them easier to organize and find. A digital asset management supports complex levels of search with the ability to string together multiple search criteria.

Automatic keywording (auto-tagging) helps to directly tag recognized content in images, videos, audios or documents accordingly. This simplifies the upload of large media packages significantly. A digital asset management can offer a variety of different recognition algorithms and processes: text recognition, speech recognition, color recognition, image and video recognition, face recognition.


Editing – What Are the Benefits of a DAM System?

Digital asset management offers various options for image and video processing, which are real time savers. Batch processing can be applied to process large amounts of media quickly and effectively. Thus, it is possible to perform actions on several media at the same time. In addition to batch processing, other editing functions are available in a DAM: image editing functions, cutting functions, chapter function, subtitle function.


Managing – Why Do Digital Assets Need to be Managed?

With the help of user management, users can be created and assigned to different roles (administrator, team member, guest, etc.). Thus, only authorized users have access to the respective data. In addition, a digital asset management software offers license management, which provides an optimal overview of the usage rights of the media.

Digital asset management enables the comprehensive analysis of media, e.g. the number of views, plays and the playback time of media files. As a result, it is easier to tailor the media to target audiences.

Overall, a DAM increases security and protects media from unauthorized access. System security and infrastructure security are supported by state-of-the-art technologies.


Approving – How to Optimize Workflows and Approval Processes with a DAM?

Using the collaboration tool of a DAM improves collaboration and streamlines approval processes. Different project teams can view, comment on, or download media simultaneously, independent of their respective locations. For collaborative work, media can be shared individually and invitations can be sent by e-mail. Furthermore, a DAM enables synchronous streaming of videos worldwide.

Easy and fast uploading is essential for daily work with media. A DAM ensures that only the appropriate media is uploaded.


Distributing – Are Your Assets Available Anytime, Anywhere?

With a DAM, digital content portfolios, so-called PressAreas, can be shared as responsive media galleries via a direct link. Digital magazines for company or product presentations are thus easy to implement.

Campaign templates are particularly suitable for e-mail marketing, with which materials for events, trade fairs or workshops can be distributed in an uncomplicated manner. In addition, with a media library, selected media from the DAM can be embedded on an existing website or in a media portal and published externally.

A DAM offers convenient contact management of all users, external recipients, suppliers or licensors. This can save valuable time when corresponding and sending media.

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