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Art buying & production

A company’s media portfolio requires constant expansion. To present your business just right on your website or in campaigns, flyers or presentations, you need high-quality images or videos that perfectly meet the relevant requirements. External stock data bases can be consulted, or photo productions commissioned, in order to respond to new trends, have content for different platforms and cover the constant demand for images.

AdmiralCloud’s image editing service always has the right shot for you!

Do you lack the right images for a particular product area? Does the material you have available not represent the entire product range? Or are you at a loss how to portray your company’s different areas of activity? AdmiralCloud’s image editing service will find you the right images for any occasion and searches through your media library or through external stock data bases for you.

Moreover, AdmiralCloud has experienced art buying experts on the team who can manage photo shoot planning, photographer booking and content production as well as release processes for you

AdmiralCloud’s image editing services – an overview:

  • Prozess optimization: from image and video production to management and transmission.
  • Search term analysis: regarding metadata conventions and completeness.
  • Tagging guidelines: definition of useful tagging conventions for your media.
  • „Hidden gems“: review of historical media and document inventories.
  • Digitalization: of documents, photos and films, including upload and tagging.
  • Legal certainty: copyright documentation as well as clearance and documentation of image rights.
  • Tagging: add additional information such as topics, author, sources or origin to media.
  • Image research: within your company’s media management or across external stock data bases.
  • Image purchasing: from image research to the purchase across stock data bases.
  • Staff training: share knowledge in a motivating way.
  • Art buying: global photographer networks with excellent references.
  • Produktion: budgeting, booking, creating & sharing briefings and managing release processes.
  • Dokumentation: image rights, model release forms and declarations of consent in the licensing system.

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Migrating from your current media management system to AdmiralCloud has never been easier.

We handle all the necessary steps:
  • Advice and support from the get-go
  • Inventory data analysis
  • Data migration from your current provider
  • Transfer of existing tags
  • Advice on existing integrations
  • Transfer and optimization of existing workflows