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14,000 employees

200 branches

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Client Requirements

  1. New media asset management system
  2. Archiving, editing and exporting for all media
  3. Introduction of external image editing services

AdmiralCloud software

“We were looking for a software solution that would make it easier for us to keep an overview of not just the photos themselves, but also their corresponding licenses. AdmiralCloud allows us to assign media containers to one another. Editors can immediately see how an image may be used. This accelerates our workflows when it comes to publishing and provides greater legal certainty regarding temporal or geographical restrictions of image usage rights.“

Intranet Portal

“The media library serves us as a protected exchange platform on the intranet. Employees can use it to find and download images that have been released, and to specify the purpose for which they are to be used. We have defined download formats for various applications, from presentations to social media posts, so that a suitable section is always available at the click of a button. And users can independently create image crops for individual requests. We have already received a lot of positive feedback from our colleagues.”

IT Services

“We use the media library as a secure sharing platform on the intranet. Employees can find and download released images and file intended uses. We have determined various download formats for different use cases, from presentations to social media posts, in a way that users only have to click to select suitable image details. Users can also create image sections themselves for individual requests. We have already received a great deal of positive feedback from our in-house colleagues.“

Image Editing

“When it comes to media assets, AdmiralCloud’s image editing team handles the majority of the image research, purchasing and tagging for us across our business operations. The advice we received for revising our tagging and indexing guidelines for media assets was also very helpful in this context. The combination of editing services and high-performance, scalable image management software really works.“

Features Used

  • Archive
  • Campaign
  • License management