AdmiralCloud Campus

Digital Asset Management for Universities

AdmiralCloud is a comprehensive digital asset management system. It allows faculty, students, and employees of the university to archive, edit, and publish their media.

Digital Transformation for Universities

AdmiralCloud Campus is a powerful media archive for universities. It combines the advantages of secure, fast and remote media access on the cloud with the cost-effective local storage of your university.



AdmiralCloud Campus enables easy storage, search and retrieval of media, projects as well as studies and thus promotes collaboration between teachers, students and administrators of the university.

PR, Communication & Marketing

Cloud-based archive to securely archive, edit and publish media

Collaboration Builds Connection

Administrators, teachers & students archive, edit and publish media collaboratively

On-Premise & Cloud

Possibility of connection and visualization of the local university archive


All partners and service providers of the university can be invited to use AdmiralCloud free of charge

Guaranteed Legal Compliance

Comprehensive image rights and media license management ensures legal security. Each user group processes its media, projects, and studies in a legally secure manner in separate areas


Workflows and media release processes specific to the university can be implemented easily

Our Approach

Get to Know Us and Our Solutions

Receive Catalog of Requirements for Institutions of Higher Education

We will send you our comprehensive catalog of requirements that a digital asset management system for universities should be able to fulfill. You can fill out this catalog and use it as a basis for decision-making.

DeepDive | 30–60 Minutes

In a 30-60 minute online appointment, we’ll find out what your university’s unique challenges are and how we can manage to improve workflows and remove roadblocks.

Live-Demo | 60–90 Minutes

We give you insight into the software and demonstrate hands-on how AdmiralCloud can support your business.

Intensively Guided Test Phase | 4 Weeks

All employees involved in media processing learn how to use AdmiralCloud in close cooperation with us.

We Love Higher Education. Talk to us!

Let us show you how AdmiralCloud can save your university precious resources by simplifying and streamlining the management and distribution of digital media.