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AdmiralCloud is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform that enables companies to efficiently organize, manage, and share their digital resources such as images, videos, and documents. By using AdmiralCloud, companies can save time and resources and optimize their workflows.

During the trial period, you will learn how the platform meets the specific requirements of your company and what benefits it can offer. The test period lasts for 30 days and is structured as follows:

1. First, we will define with you what your goals and requirements are for a DAM platform.

2. Then we will set up the test account for you and you can test the platform for free.

3. During the test, you should try out the various features of the platform and test whether they meet your requirements.

4. You can also collaborate with colleagues by sharing documents and other resources and obtaining feedback.

5. You should also check how easy it is to import and export files, as well as how easy it is to add metadata and keywords.

6. After 30 days, you can gather your experiences and insights and evaluate whether the AdmiralCloud platform is suitable for your company.

Overall, AdmiralCloud offers a comprehensive DAM solution that helps companies effectively manage their digital resources. Testing the platform can help you see if it meets your requirements and what benefits it can offer for your company.

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