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Media Accessible Across Your Primary Applications

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CI HUB is New Partner of AdmiralCloud

All creative users of AdmiralCloud can access media from Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, Figma, Sketch and Google Workspace directly from AdmiralCloud. This saves a lot of clicks, tabs and of course time. The reason for this is our partnership with the German company CI HUB.

CI Hub’s premium connection to AdmiralCloud ensures consistent use of corporate and brand assets across all users and simplifies the entire creative process, allowing you to create more content with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Working Smoothly Across Applications

The new connection simplifies many workflows. Using the CI HUB Premium Connector, AdmiralCloud is available as a data source within Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, WordPress and other applications, ensuring that the assets used are exactly those that have been approved and are up to date.

Uninterrupted Creativity

Imagine the designer of your marketing team wants to use Adobe Photoshop to create a graphic for the next advertising campaign. They can now access all approved images or logos from AdmiralCloud directly from within Photoshop. Once the creation is complete, the design can be easily uploaded into AdmiralCloud, allowing the collaborators responsible for creating the campaign direct access to the graphic. They can then use it straight away or add suggestions for changes.

Killing Multiple Birds with One Stone

Another use case of the CI HUB Premium Connector within Adobe Creative Cloud involves the production of designs with InDesign. The migration of large CSV files containing lots of metadata plays a particular role here. Let’s assume that promotional flyers are to be designed for the entire product range of an online store. The layout has already been defined, and variables have been inserted as placeholders for images and text elements. Within InDesign, the products that have been entered into AdmiralCloud, including their metadata, can now be selected and exported as a CSV file. The exported file is then entered via datamerge. By selecting “Preview”, you can fill the layout with all product information. Just download or save it in the desired file format. Once created, the layout works for all assets contained in the CSV file. This means that hundreds of different flyers can be created in one single step.

All Information at Your Fingertips

When creating a presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint, all assets of the AdmiralCloud can be accessed via the CI HUB plugin located in the toolbar. The same applies to Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. The right medium can be found quickly using the free-text search and simply dragged and dropped onto the stage. Let’s assume that a list of existing products is to be created in Excel for sales purposes. The product team has made sure that images of all products as well as their product IDs, details and descriptions are stored within AdmiralCloud. The information is now available within Excel via the CI HUB plugin and can be dragged and dropped into the designated fields on the spreadsheet.

CI HUB Premium Connector + DAM AdmiralCloud

These applications and tools are linked to AdmiralCloud via the CI HUB Premium Connector:

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • InCopy
Microsoft 365

  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook

Google Workspace

  • Sheets
  • Docs
  • Slides
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About CI HUB

CI HUB’s mission is to make life easier for people who create digital media by giving them access to their central media library no matter what application they are working from. To be able to provide the necessary interfaces, the company has entered into collaborations with many digital service partners ranging from cloud providers to stock media libraries and DAM systems. The portfolio of integrations is constantly being expanded. AdmiralCloud is now also part of this network.

In order to take full advantage of the integration of third-party tools, it is necessary that users have a login for the respective application. Once this is the case, you are ready to work smoothly.

We are very happy about our partnership with CI HUB and wish you great fun!