2023: Collaborative Work

Working with media becomes much more efficient when everything is in one place. That’s exactly what AdmiralCloud offers, with a focus on effective collaboration. A growing media pool and an increasing number of individuals wanting access don’t necessarily have to come with growing pains.

Through top-notch features, security, data protection, and the right tools for every step of your media-related tasks, we not only enable centralized media management but also promote smooth teamwork. This task is particularly challenging as our clients vary not only in terms of size, industry, and media but also follow different approaches in project management. Our generic approach is simple: media management tasks, teams, and tools must be efficiently integrated. Here’s what we’ve done for that:

Your media containers become tasks.

In a media container, you can now communicate through comments in remarks and regulate responsibilities through ownership. All media containers (assets & projects) have an owner. By default, it is the uploader. If a user is mentioned in the remark of a media container or ownership is transferred, the respective person immediately receives a notification. When users are deleted, admins can determine who will be responsible for this asset in the future.

Media collections.

With the Private- and GroupCollection, we have expanded our offering of project types. A PrivateCollection is, as the name suggests, private and is only seen by the person who created it. In the PrivateCollection, assets can be collected, displayed, and edited. The PrivateCollection can be easily converted into a GroupCollection with one click to share the media collection with teams. In combination with the features of annotations and ownership of media and projects, we provide a generic framework for project-oriented collaborations.

Sort your project media easily and fast.

In project management, there is a new menu item: Organize Media. In addition to the previous list view, there is now also a grid view. Media can be easily moved by drag and drop. This helps improve the overview of the selected items. Setting the right order is now more flexible, playful, and many times faster.

AC Sync

Migrate with AC Sync.

Reminder: AC Sync is our interface to your device or local networks. The app gives you the ability to upload and download content to AdmiralCloud using upload and download folders. The upload function has now been developed further. AC Sync now understands the structure: folders within folders or recognizes subfolders on your PC. The files of a subfolder are not simply uploaded. AC Sync takes over both the name of the subfolder and the folder path as a tag during upload. With the migration of entire folder structures, no information is lost.

AC Sync

To try out: Advanced features for smooth workflows.

We proudly present the latest features of AdmiralCloud, now available for you to try out on our 2nd live stage. The focus of these developments is on increasing clarity, navigation, and project-oriented collaboration. Highlights include the separation of assets and projects, project-specific filters, and the linking of DropSites with projects.


At a glance:

  • Improved navigation: Separation of assets and projects in the menu for a clear overview.
  • Project-oriented working: The new menu and advanced search and filter options support work on projects.
  • Project types as meta-tags: Projects serve as meta-tags for media collections and indicate the state via the type (Private & GroupCollection or PressArea).
  • Efficient filter options: New filters, such as “My Projects & My Assets,” allow quick access to relevant content.
  • Direct upload to projects: Supports efficient, project-oriented work by directly adding content to projects.
  • Linking DropSites with projects: Allows the direct integration of assets from external sources into projects. This way, you can publish assets from outside without detours.
  • Improved channel management: Enables users to have a clear representation and easy editing options within channels.


What’s coming next:

In 2024, we are focusing on the publication options of AdmiralCloud. At this point, we don’t want to reveal too much and leave it at this announcement. You’ll learn more through our upcoming newsletters.