10 Reasons to use a Digital Asset Management


01 Manage centrally and share digital content

Using a DAM system means all of your digital media are saved and managed
centrally in one place. This lets you work from anywhere (including at home and
remotely) as you can always access your assets. A DAM helps you organize your
media and is a real timesaver – gone are the hours lost to saving assets across
different systems.

02 Search and locate keywords and tags

Using keywords (tags) lets you clearly identify and categorize your media. As a
result, your media can be easily retrieved in a DAM, avoiding complex folder
structures. With the auto-tagging function, the keywording process can be automated

03 Format conversion made easy!

Convert your assets (images, videos, audio clips and documents) into the formats you
need in just a few clicks with a DAM, while the original medium is left intact. Format
conversion speeds up loading times and uses less memory by circumventing the need
to store media in different formats.

04 Save storage place and avoid multiple purchases

A DAM helps to avoid redundant content and needless re-purchasing. Storing your
media centrally in a media library means unnecessary duplicates can be easily
identified and avoided, allowing you to use your assets with maximum efficiency
while saving on storage space at the same time.

05 Work collaboratively in a DAM for efficient workflows

With the right tools (e.g. CollaborationTool), a DAM supports collaborative and agile
work. All the materials you need are shared directly via a link. Approval processes
can be carried out in real time through effective workflow and review management
with a globally connected team.

06 Take control of your image licenses and rights

A DAM lets you keep track of your media’s usage rights. With image rights or model
release management you instantly know when, where and in what form you can use
respective media, whilst sticking to the law. You’ll also be notified when a license

07 Connect with ease to existing systems via REST API

A DAM can be integrated into existing systems (PIM, MDM, ERP, CRM, CMS, etc.)
with the help of interfaces (REST API). This means a DAM can, for example, replace
a content management system’s media library (Typo3, WordPress, etc.) and offer
additional functionalities. What’s more, you can also link Adobe and Microsoft
applications to your DAM.

08 Scale as needed

A cloud-based DAM solution gives you maximum flexibility for scaling the
resources you need. According to your needs, your server infrastructure adapts to
meet your requirements. For example, more storage space can be provided for your
media or the number of users can be upped ensuring your system is accessible even
under heavy load.

09 User Management – manage user rights with ease

In a DAM, users can be set up and assigned to several groups (administrator, project
manager, team-member, guest, etc.). This ensures that only authorized users can
access the respective data. Equally, media can be made available to selected user

10 A DAM system offers greater security

A DAM protects your assets from unauthorized access (offering system and
infrastructure security). All data communication is encrypted, and data backups can
be created automatically. A DAM system offers you greater security so that you can
give your full attention to using your assets productively.

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