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Cloud-based DAM solutions – easy-to-use and secure

Cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) solutions allow your digital material to be simply and securely saved to the cloud. This way, you can access your assets any time, any place. Moreover, there is no maintenance relating to running your own server infrastructure. The more media a company manages, the more important it is to establish an efficient storage system. Cloud-based software solutions such as AdmiralCloud have become widespread, meaning your applications can be scaled as needed.

Cloud-based vs. on-premise

We distinguish between two types of DAM software solutions: cloud-based and on-premise. With on-premise models, you purchase a license, install the software and operate the server. That means that you are responsible for both data protection and creating backups as well as updating the software and the corresponding staff costs.

A clear advantage of cloud-based software is that you have access to the full range of services without any major initial investments being necessary. AdmiralCloud takes care of anything relating to the operation of the server infrastructure, including advice from IT experts and trained staff as well as security update installation.

AdmiralCloud – a safe place for your assets

The film and media production company mmpro developed AdmiralCloud as a cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) solution in 2009 to meet their own needs. The decision for a cloud-based solution was due to the fact that it offers maximum flexibility, speed and reliability and, above all, to the high security requirements it can meet.

Today, AdmiralCloud’s users include over 1,500 mmpro film teams globally as well as many well-known corporations, such as Lufthansa, Continental and Wintershall. Data protection and data privacy take priority, alongside speed and user-friendliness.

The following security solutions are available with AdmiralCloud:

  • Content security: HTTPS and signed links (use of the secure HTTPS protocol) and authorized security groups created. Additionally, all media can be stored encrypted on request.

  • IT security: Supports the Open Web Application Security Project’s ten most important criteria.

  • Intranet security: Active Directory Federation Service (only Active Directory Federation Services registered users have access to AdmiralCloud) and IP range definition (IP address range restricted) as well as Security Assertion Markup Language (XML framework for sharing information on authentication and authorization).

  • Solution security: Extensive security concepts are made available with AWS as cloud provider, e.g. an intrusion detection system (attack recognition), rate limiting (takes action against unusually high question rates), an application firewall (protection against unwanted network access) as well as fail-safe operations thanks to redundant systems.

  • Data security: Regular data backups take place automatically. In addition, you can mirror data to another AWS account or to your own server.

Madlen Fiks,
Die Techniker

„We were looking for a software solution that would make it easier for us to keep an overview of not just the photos themselves, but also their corresponding licenses. This accelerates our workflows when it comes to publishing and provides greater legal certainty regarding temporal or geographical restrictions of image usage rights.“

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