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Requirements of a digital asset management

The beginnings

“We thought we knew what we needed,” the client said about his original invitation to tender.

So, this is how it all began: It was that time again where we received about 500 lines of brief, packed up nicely in 40 pages of whatnot. What reached our digital mailbox 18 months ago had very little to do with where this project stands today. This is a familiar situation for me, also in more large-scale projects. You can get all riled up about it – or you just let it go and don’t get stressed out. For instance, in those moments when the train or bus is delayed – again! – or when you’re caught in a downpour though the forecast didn’t say a thing about rain.

It’s all not worth mentioning… Just let it go!

The flirt

You’ve been ogling a certain digital asset management system for a while now. It looks more stylish than the others and is just different. And finally, you take the next step and reach out. Let’s hope it turns out to be more than just a pretty face and things don’t go south from here. After all, in your fantasy, everything is already perfect!

The rendezvous

A tender is designed to identify the initial requirements, conditions and stakeholders, and to define how the finished solution should look like when it is rolled out, maybe two, maybe twelve months from now. Woah… guess we’ve got our work cut out for us!

So far so good. You’re right, that’s what’s needed. But do you also define how to handle future changes or entirely new requirements? Or are you still surprised and frustrated and consider these things “unclear agreements?”

The partnership

So, after you have found out that the two parties indeed share a joint understanding and have also survived the hype cycle, the relationship has turned into a partnership. This is the only way it can work – provided you’re not into suffering…
The introduction of a digital asset management system, the research and comparison of requirements is enough of a challenge. But never forget the most important point: “Expect the unexpected.”

The moral of the story?

We can handle constant change!

“We thought we knew what we needed,” the client said about his original invitation to tender. Today, 18 months later, we can laugh about this statement together. Because the question of how to handle changing requirements was actually never a question. Only a project method, maybe.

Digital asset management changes – as do you, your department and your company. Sometimes even faster than you can write your invitations to tender.