DAMn, I don’t get it…

…and in the end, I’ll probably lose my job.

About this series:

There are only two options: Either I’ll get fired by the end of this blog series, or I’ll get a raise. My money is on the former. Because in this series, I radically reveal my non-knowledge, non-understanding, non-skill when it comes to digital asset management. Me, that’s Christiane Freitag, head of format development at mmpro film production and creative allrounder at AdmiralCloud – a legit media management system, probably the best there is. If only I could judge that. Yes, it works. I like working with AdmiralCloud. But the theory? Learning about technical topics is about as much fun for me as seeing my dentist for root canal treatment. Oh well… let the show begin, I guess. Does it hurt yet? Sure does!

part 1 – in the beginning was the silence