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Precise down to the pixel: Safety lies in the number of eyes
5 questions any company with a strong presence should ask itself:

Do you use strong images in communication?

Do you want to access your older and current image material at any time and from anywhere?

Do you purchase your artwork from agencies or do you have your own images produced?

Do you have a long corporate history – and an archive filled to the brim with old photographs depicting your company’s milestones?

Do you set great store by image rights management and licensing but sometimes lose track?

If you have answered YES to one or more of these questions, you definitely require a sophisticated asset management system. And more than that: Your digital archive must be administered and content structured in a way that you can find things quickly, to make sure everything is available for in-house or external purposes whenever it is needed.

This feat can only be achieved with diligent tagging and licensing of your media content. And this is where AdmiralCloud’s image services come in: Our professional team helps you organize photo shoots around the world, buy art with a focus on licensing rights or structure your image archive. Our image editors can also train your team in how to handle asset management issues. Naturally, the scope and performance level of this service can be adapted to your specific needs.

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