The full scope of services for optimized workflows and sensational media experiences

...perfect as your

  • High-performance, cloud-based image, video, audio and document archive
  • Comprehensive media management organized via security groups
  • Optimized workflow thanks to clearly definable user roles
Media library
  • Export and management of traditional media libraries or state-of-the-art media portals
  • Multilingual system, transcoding in all desired formats, incl. classification of licenses
  • Full-text search with automated sorting by relevance and extensive filter options
  • Tag-based DAM solution that pools all corporate digital assets in a single platform
  • Uniform database to connect existing and future systems
  • High scalability and adaptability thanks to the DAM-as-a-platform approach


Media Asset Management at ITs best

Your media workflow has never been this efficient: Digital provision and management of all your media in a tag- and cloud-based asset management system. AdmiralCloud DAM provides a company-wide overview of all assets as well as associated processes and relevant information.

Upload. Assign. Export.

1. Upload media, documents and audio files
2. Auto-tag and assign security groups
3. Make media available internally and externally

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