The perfect tool to work on digital media together and speed up releases

...perfect for

Corporate communications
  • Review and release tool for image, video and audio files
  • Live collaboration with comment feature and versioning
  • Clear division of tasks thanks to icon-based workflow
Event management
  • Directly view and jointly comment media
  • Release and export media at an event via mobile device
  • Release and publish user generated content
Marketing & sales
  • Upload all media to AdmiralCloud and generate a collaboration
  • For the fastest release: live collaboration with colleagues, agencies and clients
  • Predefined and template-based release processes, ideal for media purchases


Accelerate your release sprints

It has never been easier to collaboratively view and edit media. With the AdmiralCloud collaboration tool, simply put together your team and release its full power in your release sprint.


Upload. Edit. Publish.

1. Select and upload media
2. Collaboratively comment, edit and release
3. Publish finished video

Icon Rakete - für das schnelle Starten der eigenen Campaign - AdmiralCampaign - ein Produkt von AdmiralCloud Media Asset Management / Digital Asset Management
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