DAMn, I don’t get it… Part 1

AdmiralCloud – digital asset management. Yep, I use it. Works nicely. Videos, images, other stuff – can be downloaded, uploaded, searched, found. Sure thing. All good. As I am a creative allrounder at AdmiralCloud, which includes editing text content, I roughly check as well what the system can do. But how rough the level of my check really is only becomes clear to me one day when Alexander Pulvermüller, our digital media strategist, and I suddenly find ourselves silent while designing the concept of the AC website. And I’m talking about an unpleasant silence here, believe me. I can’t recall what I have said exactly but Alex stares at me as if I’d just set his car on fire. I probably look as baffled as he does, or maybe like the car, just not on fire. Empty headlights, more like it. Then Alex’s gaze turns softer, understanding, as if I’d set the car on fire because I just don’t know better. “Say, do you understand what a DAM is?” “Well, sure… sort of?” The headlights are still not turning on.

What is a DAM?

A digital asset management (DAM) refers to software that manages digital media content, such as image, video, audio or text files. A DAM allows users to administer, edit, archive, publish and import such media. Depending on the area of application, a DAM may also be called media asset management (MAM) or video asset management (VAM).

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