DAMn, I don’t get it… Part 3

“Christiane, would you just write that enterprise text for AdmiralCloud?”

“Me? Sure…”

The internet and its infinite expanse. The year is 2018. These are the adventures of the AdmiralCloud digital asset management whose strong IT team has been traveling the galaxy for many years to develop new features, find perfect interfaces and offer clients high-performance solutions. Many light years away from mediocrity, AdmiralCloud ventures where no one has gone before.

“Christiane, seriously…”

What is an enterprise solution?

Enterprise digital asset management solutions are individual solutions optimized for medium-sized and large corporations. They are designed to provide what the name suggests, be scalable, run reliably, be based on standards and be suitable for global media provision.

So, the AdmiralCloud enterprise solution is not about the infinite expanse of our galaxy but about infinite options to create a scalable, multilingual media asset management solution for big players – international groups that require tailor-made solution management due to their business and IT structure. Solution management that is designed for collaborative work, classification and compliance with all requirements and that allows the team to find answers to all questions concerning present and future needs.

Digital asset management in the enterprise version includes:

  1. Integration with the existing system landscape
  2. Comprehensive rights and authentication management
  3. White label solution for own branding

The customized solutions have to be a good fit for the company while being generically developed. That is the AdmiralCloud digital asset management platform approach. This approach ensures our capability to take the product to the next level.

About this blog series

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