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DAM for museums and archives

Museums and archives wishing to clearly document all their exhibits can benefit from a well-organized digital library. This helps to make images and exhibits accessible globally to a wide audience as well as academics and other museums. Digital libraries in a digital asset management system (DAM) allow museums to offer visitors to their website virtual tours which provide additional information on relevant exhibits and the current state of restauration or elaborate on collections not open to the public.

AdmiralCloud’s digital asset management – offering museums and archives a wider reach

DAM supports museums and archives in managing and documenting digital exhibits. So that media are clearly marked, they are given tags, i.e. descriptive information on the title, artist, creation and motif. Taxonomies help to sort tags hierarchically and assign them to certain hypernyms and meronyms.

To meet the requirements of museums and complex collections, a DAM system should have the relevant interfaces for integrating available systems. Employees from all areas can access the DAM system as it is easy and intuitive to use. Another essential aspect is an overview of rights and licenses involved in editing and publishing media. AdmiralCloud’s digital asset management offers museums and archives individual customization and is already being used successfully at documenta.



Institution to archive and document contemporary art

86.650 media

Client requirements

  1. Digital license management
  2. Objekt-based links
  3. Open system interfaces
  4. Intuitive handling

AdmiralCloud software

„We want to be able to offer all interested parties digital access to the documenta archive’s media collections at any time. At the same time, we have a duty to protect the interests of all artists and rights holders, especially concerning copyrights and privacy rights. AdmiralCloud’s asset license management is an excellent solution for us, allowing us to reconcile, and legitimately meet, both of these requirements.“

Objekt-based links

„Archiving a performance or an ephemeral work of art may require using various media, such as photos, videos or written records, to document it. To quickly and easily gain a digital overview of how all this relates to the work of art, you must be able to clearly associated corresponding media assets in the digital archive. AdmiralCloud software offers this option, making it a helpful solution.“

Open system interfaces

„We were looking for a software solution that allows us to aggregate and quickly view digital assets from the archive systems of our IT landscape. AdmiralCloud can be docked to further internal and external systems via interfaces. For us, this is a fitting addition to our IT landscape that supports the ongoing digitalization processes.“

Intuitive handling

„With ongoing indexing, our inventory of currently around 90,000 digital pieces of digitized material is growing continuously. This process starts with photographers supplying content and metadata. Therefore, the software we use must be intuitive, without requiring additional training, as this is key to our workflows. AdmiralCloud is easy to use and supports us very well in collaborating with external suppliers of materials and archive users.“

Your media – perfect to find, perfect to view

Take security to the ultimate level

Encrypted data communication meeting BSI C5 standards.

Well tagged means easily found

A media archive with auto-tagging – searching for files has never been easier.

A license to view

Take control of all your media licenses and image rights.

All new and shiny

Find the perfect layout for images, videos and other media in just a few clicks.

Feels good to get it right

Interfaces and links to the best-possible software combination.

The sound of workflow

Collaboration tools for highly efficient digital collaboration.