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DAM media processing – analysis und consulting

In times of digitalization, media are subject to ever increasing demands. In this context, digitalization doesn’t just refer to transforming analog media into digital formats, but also to automation and integration. A clear, easily scalable media archive is a must-have for ensuring structured workflows within your company. Metadata such as copyright, runtimes and tags can be added to digital media, which can be used directly in the desired file format.

AdmiralCloud’s image editing service – putting your media in the best light

AdmiralCloud’s image editing service supports you in processing and digitalizing your media. Together, we will first analyze how your media is currently organized: What form are the media in? What steps do they undergo from creation to publication? How discoverable are media in your system?

AdmiralCloud’s image editing service offers technical expertise and many years of experience to optimize your media management processes. Individually, a search term analysis can be performed, and a tagging guide created. If required, employees can be trained in matters of digital media management.

AdmiralCloud’s image editing services – an overview:

  • Prozess optimization: from image and video production to management and transmission.
  • Search term analysis: regarding metadata conventions and completeness.
  • Tagging guidelines: definition of useful tagging conventions for your media.
  • „Hidden gems“: review of historical media and document inventories.
  • Digitalization: of documents, photos and films, including upload and tagging.
  • Legal certainty: copyright documentation as well as clearance and documentation of image rights.
  • Tagging: add additional information such as topics, author, sources or origin to media.
  • Image research: within your company’s media management or across external stock data bases.
  • Image purchasing: from image research to the purchase across stock data bases.
  • Staff training: share knowledge in a motivating way.
  • Art buying: global photographer networks with excellent references.
  • Produktion: budgeting, booking, creating & sharing briefings and managing release processes.
  • Dokumentation: image rights, model release forms and declarations of consent in the licensing system.

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Migrating from your current media management system to AdmiralCloud has never been easier.

We handle all the necessary steps:
  • Advice and support from the get-go
  • Inventory data analysis
  • Data migration from your current provider
  • Transfer of existing tags
  • Advice on existing integrations
  • Transfer and optimization of existing workflows