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Client requirements:

1. Digital license management
2. Object-based links
3. Open system interfaces
4. Intuitive handling

Alexander Zeisberg, head of the documenta archive media collection, about the cooperation with AdmiralCloud:

AdmiralCloud Software
Digital license management

“We want to be able to present the media collections of the documenta archive to interested parties digitally at any time. At the same time, we have to protect the rights of all artists and other rights holders, especially concerning copyrights and privacy rights. The asset license management of AdmiralCloud is a very good solution for us to combine both requirements and meet them legitimately.”

Object-based links

“Archiving performances or ephemeral works of art may require documentation in various media, such as photos, videos and written documents. To get a quick and easy digital overview of how all of this relates to the artwork, the associated media assets must be related plausibly in the digital archive. AdmiralCloud software offers this option and is thus a helpful solution.”

Open system interfaces

“We were looking for a software solution that allows us to aggregate and quickly view digital assets from the archive systems of our IT landscape. AdmiralCloud can be docked to further internal and external systems via interfaces. This makes it a fitting addition to our IT landscape that supports the ongoing digitalization processes.”

Intuitive handling

“Our inventory of currently about 90,000 pieces of digitized material continues to grow along with the ongoing development. This process begins with the provision of content and metadata by photographers. So, the intuitive handling of the software we use is a key criterion for our workflows as there can’t be any additional training costs and efforts. AdmiralCloud is easy to use and supports us very well in cooperating with external providers of materials and archive users.”