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Client requirements:

1. Setup of a video management system
2. Optimization of video export on the intranet
3. External image & video communication for IAA Frankfurt
AdmiralCloud Software
  • Use of AdmiralCloud for all external videos

  • Use of AdmiralCampaign for IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

  • Use of AdmiralCloud for all video exports on the MAHLE intranet

AdmiralCloud Archive
  • Introduction of AdmiralCloud video archive to manage all internal and external video files

IT Services
  • Use of AdmiralCloud IT Services for the integration of videos on the intranet

  • Consulting regarding the integration and security of media on the intranet

Film and media production
  • International film productions with mmpro film and media production

  • Tagging and migration service to AdmiralCloud

  • Production of C-level video clips, incl. release workflow via AdmiralCloud