AdmiraLog 121118

This summer was hot, seriously hot. The sick rate of my team was surprisingly low, with a few exceptions – a couple of wimps who can’t take the digital rum.

If I had my way, I’d just throw them overboard, right at the competition. But I don’t want to weaken our competitors. On the contrary, I want them strong, innovative and impressive. That’s the stuff that fires us up and lets us raise the mainsail of media asset management, even in a major digital storm.

MAM, DAM… PIM BAM… and “Ten Reasons for Digital Media Asset Management,” “Is a DAM right for your team?” I am tired of all that and would rather drown in the Mariana Trench than being swamped by the ever-same clichés.

The other ships are shining bright, and their figureheads seem to show the way to go.

But they are hollow on the inside and without cargo. At the slightest swell, I hear them scream. Without captain and without soul, they follow the current of their evil spirits… you got that?

AdmiralCloud is different… it’s coasting… smells nice… and it’s on track. It delivers a blessing in disguise and separates the desperate from the blessed. For nothing is worse than a constantly limping and stinking digital asset management that stands forever and never burns.

The sirens are on our side, so the digital flood may come… we are well prepared.